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How High to Hang a Chandelier – Installation Instructions

How High to Hang a Chandelier How High to Hang a Chandelier

After you purchased a chandelier you have to decide on the best place and height to install it.  It’s not a difficult task, but you need to know some details which will help you to do the job right.

Normally your chandelier should hang 30″ to 34″ from the dining table top (if any) to the bottom of the chandelier.

But what’s the optimum height to install you own chandelier according to your own living space?

Take into account the following points and you will easily answer the question above:

What’s the size of your chandelier?

If the chandelier is rather big than small, you’d better hang in higher so that it will be able to cast more light there. Small chandeliers serve better at lower height making your room look more elegant.

What’s the size of the room?

If you have a large room you’ll need a bigger chandelier hanging higher, otherwise your room won’t have enough light. In smaller rooms it’s okay to install the chandeliers at lower height because it won’t make any difference to the quality or quantity of the light.

How is the furniture arranged in this room?

In addition the furniture arrangement plays a significant role. For example, you’re installing the chandelier in the kitchen with a rectangular table. In this case one chandelier won’t be enough to brighten up the whole space. You’ll have to hang a few chandeliers at any height you like.

Think about these three questions thoroughly. Because answering them will help you to choose a perfect place for your brand-new chandelier to brighten up your home properly.

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