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How to Choose a Crystal Chandelier

Crystal Chandelier

When we hear the word-combination “the crystal chandelier”, many of us imagine this crystal beauty in some gorgeous mansion of a Hollywood movie. However, nowadays these chandeliers are available to everyone, although you have to pay more for such a luxury. There is wide range of goods, many different designs and sizes, so you can choose any chandelier you like.

The choice of the crystal chandelier demands your attention and serious approach. Its main function is to create appropriate level of lighting.

State of your health depends on it. If you live in the dark place you feel unwell, and vice versa, staying in the bright room is too fatigable. There are no clear recommendations. But if you want an item to be suitable to the interior and maintain comfortable atmosphere it is necessary to keep to the basic color rules. So let’s consider basic parameters of choosing the crystal chandelier.

Chandelier models. Ceiling and pendant crystal chandeliers.

There is a huge number of modern crystal chandeliers nowadays. From big to small, from crystal clear to black. There are two types of chandeliers: ceiling and pendant.

Small-sized rooms with low ceiling require ceiling chandeliers.

They are pressed to the ceiling and have small dimensions.

Pendant chandeliers, or classic, differ in design and size. Rooms acquire a shade of festivity and pomposity due to them. Such type suits for the rooms with high ceiling and sufficient area. Such models, as a rule, are fixed by chain and hook with the help of which connection of a chandelier to electrical bulbs and ceiling mounts is occurred. Buying the product of the classic type you can adjust the length of chain and achieve optimal positioning.

Illumination. What should be the power of a crystal chandelier?

A crystal chandelier should provide illumination power. It must be decided which area will the crystal chandelier illuminate and will it be used as a single source of light. If there is not enough of light in the room you can put an additional chandelier, a lamp-bracket, table lamps or spotlights.

Pay attention to the lamp power, it is determined by illuminator indices.

First of all, you should determine the room area. These data will be useful to make a right choice. IF you want to hang the product in the sitting-room or in the spacious hall the chandelier with the power of 200 – 300 watts will be perfect. We advise to buy a switch regulating the degree of illumination in order to save energy and create calm atmosphere.  The chandelier should provide at least 16 – 25 watts of power per 1 sq. m. area. For instance, three-lamped chandelier will suit for a small room about 10 square meters.

It is normal for such indices of illumination and you can do things that don’t require sight concentration. There is no abrupt junction from shadow to light; by the way it is harmful for eyes. At the same time, speaking of the interior when you have chosen the right chandelier for your room you can join separate zones of the room in the whole composition. You have to remember you can always pick up a floor lamp or table lamp for a local lighting which will match with design and with your chosen chandelier. General design of different chandeliers will provide harmonious perception of the room.

Let’s look at several examples.  We give these recommendations considering the power of 40-watt bulbs. You can use the crystal mini chandelier at three bulbs in the room from 7 to 10 sq.m. If your room is 10 to 15 sq.m. we advise to choose the model of 5 – 6 bulbs, and it can be a carob chandelier or a ceiling chandelier, mentioned above. It is better if the ceiling chandelier has a mirror, it will give more light. The chandelier of 8 – 10 bulbs fits the area from 16 to 20 sq.m., in our view, this should be sufficient. The area of ​​about 24 – 30 sq.m. requires the light of 12 – 15 bulbs.

Big chandeliers of 18 – 24 bulbs will perfectly suit for the room from 36 to 48 sq.m. We advise to buy the model with the amount not less than 30 bulbs for the area of over 60 square meters. Also when you are choosing a lamp the height of the ceiling in the room must be taken into account.

Chandeliers of general lighting which are fixed on the ceiling are distinguished by the direction of the light torrent. Those models with the light direction up to the ceiling, or evenly distributed throughout the room, give a soft light, so we recommend that you choose such chandeliers for living rooms, bedrooms or recreation areas. They are cozy and make the place more comfortable for relaxing.

Crystal chandeliers which light is mainly directed down can be used to illuminate small rooms or a certain part of the room. For example, you can illuminate the area around your dinner table, but in this case, this chandelier should not be the sole source of light. Also, for local illumination, you can use the crystal sconces, which are attached to the wall and illuminate the necessary area more brightly, at the same time they are added to the total lighting in the room.

Another feature by which chandeliers differ is the magnitude of the socket. There is a large common socket (1-27) and a socket “mignon”, a miniature compared to the common. The sockets also differ in materials from which they are made. There are sockets from carbolite which are black, and ceramic of the white colour. Carbolite sockets may fade and crumble because of the heat. Ceramic sockets are more heat-resistant and long-lasting.

When you are choosing a chandelier, the shape of its plinth is important. Standard variants are welcomed. If it is necessary it will be easily replaced in parts.

The right position of the crystal chandelier.  At what height should the crystal chandelier be hanged?

The ceiling crystal chandelier, often made in the classic style, suits for the rooms with high ceilings perfectly. The similar chandelier can be installed in the rooms with large area.

If the chandelier is placed on the free space and it is necessary to walk under it, the lower part of the chandelier should be placed at a minimum distance of 6,23 ft that is approximately equal to the height of a standard door-frame. A man, who walks through these doors, will walk under your chandelier.

If the chandelier will hang over a table, a coffee table, a writing-table or a piano, it can be placed below approximately 5,58 ft. The table, above which a chandelier is hung, should be wide enough when a man stands up so he doesn’t touch the chandelier.

The colour of crystal chandeliers.

The crystal chandelier may be absolutely of any colour: black, red, blue, green… It is even sometimes rhinestone with the effect of blue light. It is noticed when the crystal is turned at a certain angle to the light source. Blobs of the bluish colour inside the crystal diverge from one or more points. There are also crystals that cover a variety of colours. Rhinestone, found in South Yakutia, plays green, crimson, blue, orange tint.

Skillful hands of the master can decorate a transparent stone. It becomes reddish when cadmium or gold compounds are added to the source material, cobalt gives a blue colour, copper gives green and pink, transparent silicon gives the sunset clouds. French manufacturers’ peculiarity is blue and gray-silver crystal lighting fixtures. A dark crystal is also at the height of fashion today. It makes products look great in ordinary and concise interiors. Dark crystal chandeliers are often found in the collections of the Italians which have always adhered to the main fashion trends.

Chandeliers of clear crystal are much more multi-purpose and they combine with the interiors of different styles and colours. In the case of a colourless crystal chandeliers you should think about the construction of the metal parts chandelier (golden or silver), in most cases it is enough to guide by the door colour and window handles colour.

The colourless crystal chandeliers with silver metal are more universal. Silver is muted so the whole chandelier looks cleaner, more crystal than chandeliers with more expressive golden metal parts.

In addition, it is necessary to take into consideration the colour of the chandelier. Different colours have different effects on mood and well-being. Green and warm pastel colours have beneficial effect.

Which rooms is the crystal chandelier suitable for?

Of course, many crystal chandeliers can be found in the spacious living room. You can choose the product that is the perfect complement even to the tight bathroom space because of the huge variety of designs and shapes of modern crystal chandeliers.

However, some chandeliers, created by designers especially for small rooms, resemble a piece of art.

You should not be afraid of crystal chandeliers in the kitchen. The chandelier may become the part of furniture around which the further interior will be made. The main thing is to find a suitable place for it.

If you are going to complete the interior of the kitchen with this sparkling piece, if the kitchen is not too big, it’s better to hang a chandelier above the table in order to present it before the sights of everyone gathered there. If you have a small cozy kitchen with a small table you will need the same small chandelier that will fit well to the interior. If the ceiling is low, the ceiling chandelier is for you.

Do not be afraid to experiment. Remember that it is not necessary that the chandelier matches the style of the kitchen. The interior design is very popular eclecticism; it is a mix of elements from different styles.

Many experts do not recommend to install a crystal chandelier in the children’s room for safety reasons. They are simply unaware of the variety of models made of this natural material. There are products that are able to withstand the boundless energy of your children. A small crystal chandelier is very suitable for a child’s room.

What style of the crystal chandelier to choose?

Designers unanimously declare that the style of the interior and furniture should not be decisive in the choice of lighting. The owner should like his chandelier; what could be easier?

So you can bravely choose a modern chandelier in the style of hi-tech. Play of contrasts gives incredible, very exquisite effect. For instance, if the interior is decorated in a minimalist style, the designers often offer to choose a crystal chandelier of a refined model. It will create the effect of softening the severity of general interior. However, you should be alert to the nuances otherwise such contrast won’t look harmoniously. Undoubtedly, there should be a special trait and there is no need to rush to the extremes but you can afford certain freedom.

We hope that our article was helpful to you. We wish you succeed in choosing chandeliers. If you liked the article, please, press “Like” or share it with your friends.

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