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How to Clean a Chandelier Without Taking it Down

How to clean a chandelier without taking it down How to clean a chandelier without taking it down

It’s not a secret that the crystal chandeliers are very elegant indeed. But they collect lots of dust and for obvious reasons you won’t wash such a chandelier very often. Usually to clean this beauty you need to take it down, disassemble it, wash every piece separately and thoroughly, dry everything out, assemble it and hang back to the ceiling.

The other way is to climb up the ladder and clean every crystal. It’s very uncomfortable and your hands, shoulders and neck are going to get tired very soon.

These aforementioned ways illustrate laborious, monotonous and time consuming tasks which may prevent a person not only from taking care of the chandelier, but also from buying one.
But there exist an easy way of washing the crystal chandelier without taking it down.

For this procedure you will need:

• water pulverizer
• water
• soft cloth
• umbrella OR plastic washbowl

What to do:

During the entire procedure you will need to hold your umbrella opened and turned upside down (its dome looks down) right under the chandelier. If the umbrella has a hook-like handle it makes the task easier: just hook it right on one of the chandelier hands. Otherwise, if the umbrella doesn’t have such a handle, you may ask someone to hold it there for you. If you have no one to ask for help – don’t worry, you’ll be able to manage the cleaning on your own.

So you hold the umbrella directly under the chandelier and quickly press the pulverizer handle. The sharper you press the stronger water jet you get. And these jets in their turn will do all the work by wiping the dust off the crystals and your chandelier.
Here you’ll notice what the purpose of the umbrella is. All the water will trickle right down the dome of your umbrella.
After that, using the soft cloth wipe the chandelier dry.

There’s also another easy way to ensure your chandelier safety during the washing procedure. It will help to keep the crystals intact in case you move clumsily and they fall down from the chandelier.
Here, instead hooking the umbrella on, you need to place a washbowl under the chandelier. If the crystal accidentally tears off – it won’t break, because it’ll fall into the water.
We think it’s high time to turn the cleaning into a pleasant process so that you will be able to enjoy the cleanness and the dazzle of your crystal chandeliers more often.

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