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How To Decorate A House To Sell It Faster

How To Decorate A House To Sell It Faster

We are told from a young age, when it comes to selling houses it really can just be down to location, location, location.

Some houses sell the same day they are put on the market. For other homes unfortunately selling can take years.

In those cases where your location can’t do all the work for you, it’s crucial to think outside the box to give yourself every possible chance of a quick sale. After all, if you don’t, your whole housing chain could quite easily collapse.

This is the reason today’s article has been put together, as we take a look at some quick and easy decoration tips that can help to sell your home faster.

Take advantage of flowers

How To Decorate A House To Sell It Faster

You might not be the type of person who decorates your home with flowers, but when it comes to selling it floral decoration can give you a huge boost.

Flowers have two advantages. First, they smell great, and can help create a positive first impression when a potential buyer comes to look at your home. In addition flowers look beautiful and demonstrate a lived in feeling, besides adding to the overall aesthetics of your home.

We would recommend adding two to three vases around your home. Check out Avas Flowers online which currently has several discounts available. Avas Flowers also has some great photos on their social media pages which are great for inspiring new ideas. Check out the positive Avas Flowers reviews from their previous customers.

Opt for neutral walls

You may have loved your yellow walls over the years but unfortunately, not all prospective buyers will share your enthusiasm. One tone that wins when it comes to fast house sales is ‘neutral’. Anything that stretches beyond that is deemed a risk, as it just plays too close to personal preference. Sure, you might find a buyer who loves your walls, but overall a majority of buyers prefer to see a ‘neutral’ canvas that they can easily put their own stamp on.

(But don’t strip out everything)

While neutral wins the day when it comes to wall colors, you sometimes have to tread carefully. While you want to provide buyers with a blank canvas, at the same time you want to show them that this is a ‘lived in home’. In other words, keep a few family photos and small items that just give a bit of character to the house.

Sure, you will find some buyers who love the ‘showroom’ philosophy, but most want to know they are moving into a real home that has a certain degree of character.

Tap into mirrors

How To Decorate A House To Sell It Faster

While the buyers can read the exact dimensions of your home in the real estate literature, let’s not forget that it’s possible to trick the eye somewhat.

You can make a room appear larger than it really is through a whole array of tips, but our favorite by far comes in the form of mirrors. Place these opposite natural light sources and you (and potential buyers for that matter) will be amazed at the difference.

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