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How to Make a Crystal Chandelier

How to make a crystal chandelier How to make a crystal chandelier

Got tired of your old boring chandelier but you are on a budget? Want to add some glamorous vibes into your living place? You’ve found a right place. These two extremely easy methods will help you to transform your simple chandelier into a new crystal one.

Here’s what you need:

  • the wire circle (for the first method only)
  • crystal drops (for the second method only)
  • strands of glass beads
  • a spool of clear jewelry making thread

Note: you can find these materials in jewelry-making sections of the stores or in the wedding sections.

Note: be creative and buy the string of various lengths with beads of various sizes and forms.

Here’s what you do:

Method #1: WITH the wire circle

Step 1:

Take the wreath shaped form and paint it the desired colour (since we’re making a crystal chandelier we advise to paint it white).

Step 2:

Using the thread, hang it somewhere (preferably under your old chandelier) to have an easy access and to hang all the jewelry in the right way.

Step 3:

Start tying the strings of beads: longer ones to the inner circles and the shorter ones to the outer circles. Feel free to add as many layers as you want.

Step 4:

Drill some holes in the place to hang and screw the chandelier.

Method #2: WITHOUT the circle wire

Step 1:

Take the crystal drops and take off their outer rings. It needs to be done to thread the drops directly and tie them closer to your chandelier.

Step 2:

Using the thread, tie together the string of beads into the one long string. Start placing this long string to the arms of your old chandelier. At first, tie it to the first hand and then hang to the other, and so on, covering each hand. Secure the string with the thread on each chandelier arm.

Note: you may wrap the string a couple of times if its size allows.

Step 3:

Using the thread, assemble the clusters of crystals and tie them to the outer ends of each chandelier arm. For more shining and beauty you may add crystals to the strings of beads.

Step 4:

Tie larger crystals (if there are larger ones) to the inner ends of the chandelier arms.

Step 5:

Cut the loose threads (if there are any) and enjoy your old-new chandelier!

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