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Industrial Linear Chandelier > $1,875.00 Gunmetal Gray, Twelve Lights

Industrial Linear Chandelier Industrial Linear Chandelier

Look at this stunning chandelier! Nowadays you can take a chance and plunge into the luxurious atmosphere with this extremely marvelous chandelier. The manufacturers say that it is perfect for over tables and kitchen islands, for dining rooms, kitchens, bars, hallways –any room you wish to decorate with this modern and artistic conversation piece. It will brighten up your living space; add some chic and elegance to the place. Not only is the chandelier elegant but it’s a real showstopper! The main part of this chandelier is made of metal painted gunmetal gray – it is this bode that makes the chandelier look industrial. It requires twelve bulbs, similar to candle bulbs. You will need to attach the strings of crystal beads and other crystal parts to the fixture along its main body, passing the light bulbs by. Such a close crystal seating to the light bulbs will ensure a bright radiance all over the space! The fixture is sturdy; it will be installed securely. It will become the reason of the compliments and the price is completely fair.

Latest Price $1,875.00

Chandelier Specifications

Michael McHale Designs15 pounds41 x 9 x 10 inchesGunmetal Gray12Down

Review quotes of real buyers

“This is a fabulous chandelier and we couldn’t be happier with it, and dealing with Michael McHale, who is always available for any questions, made everything so easy; everyone who sees it, loves it!”

“This light is unbelievable! It is truly the most gorgeous fixture in person and has been a conversation piece in our new home. Our electrician installed it easily, the instructions were detailed and clear and we are so happy we bought it. We look forward to compliments for years to come!”

Pictures of Industrial Linear Chandelier > $1,875.00 Gunmetal Gray, Twelve Lights in different interiors

Industrial Linear Chandelier
Industrial Linear Chandelier
Industrial Linear Chandelier
Industrial Linear Chandelier

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