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Mini Chrome Metal Chandelier > $233.10 Unique Design, Six Lights

Mini Chrome Metal Chandelier Mini Chrome Metal Chandelier

Create your own universe with this mini chandelier right in your home! This chandelier has a unique construction of sputnik or supernova. If you are interested in astronomy, physics or chemistry, this amazing chandelier is perfect for you! This mini chandelier is modern and it will blend with any décor either modern or vintage, but especially with high-tech, contemporary, or functionalism styles of the interior. This chandelier is perfect for small rooms, so you can hang it in a hall, foyer, entryway, locker room, closet, or bathroom. This beautiful chandelier can be plugged into the wall and hung ‘swag’ or you can wire it into the ceiling by cutting the plug off and using the caps to wire it, it’s up to you. Also you can install this unique chandelier in your boy’s room to create a little personal universe for him. This chandelier requires 6 light bulbs. This chandelier is mini but it provides the right amount of light. In addition, this chandelier is made of high-quality materials and its price is fair. Your guests will love it and you will receive many compliments all the time. Make yourself and your close ones much happier!

Latest Price $233.10

Chandelier Specifications

AF Lighting 9.2 pounds 17 x 17 x 14 inches Metal Chrome 6 Up/Down
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Review quotes of real buyers

“This chandelier is so unusual and I love it even more in person. I’ve gotten compliments from everyone who’s seen it. The style is retro yet modern. My kitchen has just been completely remodeled and this supernova chandelier takes it to the next level. Truly a work of art!”

“I’ve wanted a “Sputnik” style ceiling light for years now. Our home is early mid century (1951) and it would suit it perfectly. However, it’s a small house (1000 sq. ft.) with somewhat low ceilings. So a traditional Sputnik lamp with loads of bulbs would not only be much too big, it would also give off way too much light and heat — we want light, not a fire hazard! So I was thrilled to come across this lamp from AF Lighting. It was installed by an electrician and it’s absolutely perfect! I’m so happy that there’s now a Sputnik light suitable for smaller spaces.”

“I love this lamp. We chose to use it swag, because we love it so much, the idea of having to leave it in the house if we moved felt devastating! It’s so gorgeous and is VERY bright. Of course we live in a small home and the space it lights is roughly 300sqft, which is our living room and entry and most of the dining space, too.”

“Love everything about it. It provides a ton of light, which helps in our large vaulted ceiling space.”

“Beautiful and very bright! Perfect for any bedroom.”

“Great light, as advertised.”

“I love the look of this chandelier. I have it in my entryway and it definitely makes a statement.”

Pictures of Mini Chrome Metal Chandelier > $233.10 Unique Design, Six Lights in different interiors

Mini Chrome Metal Chandelier
Mini Chrome Metal Chandelier
Mini Chrome Metal Chandelier

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