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Mini Modern Crystal Chandelier > $71.09 6 Lights, Fancy Design

Mini Modern Crystal Chandelier Mini Modern Crystal Chandelier

This mini crystal chandelier creates a special atmosphere of glamour, modernity and coziness in your house like in many houses of Europe. This chandelier is made of 100% crystal. Due to its small sizes this mini chandelier can be placed wherever you want: in small and big rooms, but it is highly recommended to hang it in a hallway, foyer, entryway, locker room or closet. This beautiful chandelier has 6 light bulbs; it provides a sufficient amount of light despite of its small sizes. This mini crystal chandelier won’t be unnoticed, everyone will be overwhelmed and lots of compliments will make you happy. You can install this crystal chandelier easily. Plus you can do everything by yourself. By the way the crystal chandelier is not too expensive and looks gorgeous. The good news is that the price is not just affordable, but actually is very low for a real crystal chandelier with such a fancy design!

Latest Price $71.09

Chandelier Specifications

LightInTheBox5 pounds9 x 9 x 10 inchesCrystal, MetalChrome6Downlight

Review quotes of real buyers

“I put this light in my hall and it was perfect, I have a very small hall so it looks amazing. If you have a big room to put this in I would suggest getting more than one of them.”

“I used this light in my hallway, it was very bright (which was one of my concerns). I have two of them in a long hallway and they are so beautiful! So happy with them and unique.”

“This chandelier is the perfect accent to my small foyer. It is quite stunning.”

“The lamp is small but is bright and looks very good. It looks better than I thought. I recommend it.”

“This light is gorgeous, easy to install and looks beautiful. Amazing value for money. I am buying another for the hallway”

“Our house is traditional and quite simple in taste. this was work to put together and I did it like a kid with a puzzle. This is one of my favorites of our kitchen renovation finishes. It looks fun and chic. It sits happily over the bar area of our kitchen and I really love it.”

“This light is so so cute. I bought two. One for an hallway and the other for part of my kitchen. This light does more and look so good for the price. I’m happy I bought it.”

“ have had this up for over a year with out any problems. Its bright and it looks so classy. I loved it so much I bought one more. You will love it too.”

“I absolutely love this mini Chandelier! It’s so sparkly and perfect for my small room. A nice white-ish colored light.”

“This chandelier is small and perfect for the area above my kitchen sink. It also puts out a lot of light.”

“This is the perfect touch to my blinged out hallway!”

“I love the light and everyone that sees it in my hallway loves it too.”

“I purchased this for my teenage daughters bedroom, and she absolutely loves it. The crystals reflect a beautiful light pattern onto the ceiling about 8′ in diameter. It’s a great look, especially for the money.”

“I love this light fixture. It is easy to put together and getting it up was a little difficult, but it was well worth it.”

“Our visitors love our lighting. This light looks very nice. Build quality is medium. Takes a bit of time to put together. Once up on your ceiling will be an eye catcher for sure! For the price it has served very well.”


“this small size crystal chandelier give more light than i expected, very bright and beautiful.”

“I put this light in my daughter’s room! What a cute light!”

“Gorgeous in my hallway and kitchen.. Looks rich.”

Pictures of Mini Modern Crystal Chandelier > $71.09 6 Lights, Fancy Design in different interiors

Mini Modern Crystal Chandelier

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