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Modern Black Crystal Chandelier > $103.99 Drum Shade, Five Lights

Modern Black Crystal Chandelier Modern Black Crystal Chandelier

This beautiful, airy, black chandelier with crystals is the perfect centerpiece to soften things up a bit. It is a bit delicate with the black transparent shade. You will have to put the crystals all together on yourself but it’s going to worth your effort. The shade should provide an easy access to the bulbs, but you may need to take it off to replace the bulb. It requires five bulb lights, so its lighting is soft, splendid and spectacular plus crystals capture and reflect the light. This chandelier attaches right to the ceiling. This lighting fixture is very fashionable, it will make your home look chic and glamorous. But it doesn’t present anything superfluous or pretentious. At the same time somewhat classic texture helps it to integrate into any interior. You won’t find the chandelier like that at your neighbors’ home. This lovely black crystal chandelier won’t disappoint you. And, what is more, you cannot beat the price on this lovely piece of work!

Latest Price $103.99

Chandelier Specifications

Warehouse of Tiffany9.4 pounds16.9 x 16.9 x 19.3 inchesCrystalChrome5Down

Review quotes of real buyers

“Beautiful beautiful. The balls are real crystal, what a sparkle. I changed the bulbs to the daylight white LED and the light is sooo modern. Just be careful, I dropped 2 balls while I was cleaning it and they shattered everywhere. Easy to replace them though.”

“Gives great lighting and illuminates the ceiling. My dad put it up for me and told me it was junk while installing and he was in awe after the installation and told me how beautiful it was. He is very critical to say the least. This looks gorgeous in my dressing room and is definitely worth the money……..Don’t pass it up, I’ve been eyeing it for months and finally took the plunge…….at this price can’t beat the look of this stunning beauty…..I’ve gotten tons of compliments after having it up only a couple of days.”

“So this chandelier is beautiful and really does look great for the price! I love how the light shines down the walls from it. See photo!”

“They look stunning when up. Just gorgeous. Kind of a pain to put together but well worth it! Love this chandelier!!!!”

“Love this Chandelier, looks fantastic in my room.”

“beautiful. Does not provide a lot of light however, for a bedroom it is sufficient. We bought this for our six year old daughter’s room and she loves it and we do as well. It is very pretty and “glamorous” without hanging low like the chandeliers. As I stated it does not provide a lot of light however, with a desk light for homework it works very well.”

“Love this chendelier. A bit tedious to assemble, but aside from that it looks amazing and far more expensive than what was paid.”

“OMG! Gorgeous!”

“This Chandelier is so pretty the picture doesn’t do it justice”

Pictures of Modern Black Crystal Chandelier > $103.99 Drum Shade, Five Lights in different interiors

Modern Black Crystal Chandelier
Modern Black Crystal Chandelier

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