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Modern Bubble Glass Chandelier > $299.99 Stainless Steel, Four Lights

Modern Bubble Glass Chandelier Modern Bubble Glass Chandelier

This beautiful crystal chandelier is an excellent choice for any room, any place your heart desire it to illuminate! The chandelier base is made of stainless steel, making it super sturdy and secure. There are long trailing bubbles – the floating glass, which makes this lighting fixture look like a jellyfish. These beautiful little bubbles diffract the light in the most whimsical way. A truly stunning chandelier, it is sure to lend a special atmosphere anywhere it is placed. Add chic, glamour and elegance to your room with this gorgeous beauty. This lighting fixture is a perfect addition to any décor, especially to modern, contemporary or vintage. It requires four light bulbs and provides lots of light. It needs some time for assembly and installation, but it is definitely worth your efforts. One can meet such a beauty somewhere in chateaux or palaces. Your guests will be overwhelmed. This glass chandelier won’t disappoint you!

Latest Price $299.99

Chandelier Specifications

Nilight22 x 22 x 14.2 inchesStainless Steel Base, GlassFinished4Down

Review quotes of real buyers

“I like this lightning fixture. Very modern and pretty. They are several differently sized strings with bulbs and I had to move them around a few times to make it look somewhat symmetrical.”

“I am so impressed with this company. The light is absolutely beautiful hanging in our bathroom It just makes the room.The reflection and sparkle on the glass bubbles are just what I had hoped for. I purchased the light in December but didn’t open until late February. Two of the bulbs were broken. I thought it was hopeless getting a replacement because it had been so long. But company couldn’t have been more helpful. They were apologetic and so easy to work with.They offered to replace the 2 strings and didn’t make us send them back. I will always check there site first when looking for lights If only all businesses were this great”

Pictures of Modern Bubble Glass Chandelier > $299.99 Stainless Steel, Four Lights in different interiors

Modern Bubble Glass Chandelier
Modern Bubble Glass Chandelier

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