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Modern Chrome Crystal Chandelier > $244.49 Five Lights Linear Chandelier

Modern Chrome Crystal Chandelier Modern Chrome Crystal Chandelier

What can one say about a beautiful projection of color along a sunlit wall? Well, that is what you will walk into each morning, whenever you place this opulent chandelier! Dining room, kitchen, living room – it will bring elegancy and romance to any room. The rectangular design is perfect for island or buffet lighting. Made of metal it ensures the secure installation and brushed with chrome it enhances the beauty, modernity and the classy atmosphere at the same time. The quality of this lighting fixture is undeniable. It is very well made and assembled. Five bulbs illuminate the room richly and the sparkle and shine of thousands of premium crystals is stunning and radiant. This chandelier is absolutely breathtaking. It is made of high-quality materials which you can enjoy for many years. You won’t regret buying this masterpiece and you’ll receive lots of compliments.

Latest Price $244.49

Chandelier Specifications

Cañar13 pounds10.5 x 33 x 59.5 inchesMetalChrome5Down

Review quotes of real buyers

“We absolutely love this chandelier!! I was nervous it wouldn’t be bright enough, but it is incredibly bright so we actually end up dimming it. It’s very sparkly and the crystals were very easy to hang. For installation of the wiring, I had an electrician do it and he didn’t seem to have any trouble with it.”

“Looks great hung. My wife is very happy.”

“Beautiful and elegant!! Looks like a real crystal!!! Soooo happy :)”

Pictures of Modern Chrome Crystal Chandelier > $244.49 Five Lights Linear Chandelier in different interiors

Modern Chrome Crystal Chandelier

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