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Modern Chrome Crystal Chandelier > $84.99 Crystal Balls, Three Lights

Modern Chrome Crystal Chandelier Modern Chrome Crystal Chandelier

This is a very beautiful and unique chandelier. The hands that hold the crystal part are made from solid metal, ensuring the security for the crystals and the whole chandelier as well. The glass globes are very high quality in that they are very clear, well cut, and heavy. The light this fixture gives off goes right through the glass globes, reflecting a really interesting pattern on the ceiling. You can use it with a dimmer – there’s always a beautiful pattern of light on the ceiling, no matter which way you go. Keep in mind, that it requires assembly, so be patient because the result is definitely going to worth your effort and you will receive a lot of compliments. This is a flush mount chandelier and due to its relatively small size you’re advised to hang it in your study room, office, dining room, bedroom or kitchen.

Latest Price $84.99

Chandelier Specifications

LOCO LAMP 12.7 pounds 15.8 x 11 x 15.8 inches Metal, Crystal Chrome 3 Down
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Review quotes of real buyers

“Love this in my entry way. Very pleased with the look. If you like bling, you won’t be disappointed!!”

“I felt it was ez to assemble. It does take about an hour to get through all the pieces. Once done, its stunning, great quality crystals!”

“Such a beautiful light!! Adds a warm glow to our dining room.
Warning when installing, it is VERY heavy.”

“My girlie-girlie loves this chandelier in her bedroom. Same as prior reviews — it does take about 2-3 hours to assemble (good project for the girl anyway). Be sure to have pliers or a screwdriver on hand to open the metal rings (like when you put a new key on your key ring, only much harder on the fingers).”

“We got the smaller size because our room is small but it looks so great. We put it on a dimmer which for us is perfect– on high it gives a very nice bright light, and dims down to whatever amount of light you would like. We really love it– our favorite light in the house. really beautiful. Really unique. Good quality. For us, it was an easy assembly and easy install.”

“Love, love, love this chandelier. Everyone that has seen it has really complimented it. Not only is is beautiful, but it provides lots of light.
It was tedious getting the loops on all the crystals, but hanging the crystals was not difficult.
I would highly recommend this chandelier so anyone looking for a bling factor.”

Pictures of Modern Chrome Crystal Chandelier > $84.99 Crystal Balls, Three Lights in different interiors

Modern Chrome Crystal Chandelier
Modern Chrome Crystal Chandelier

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