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Modern Chrome Metal Chandelier > $168.71 Sputnik Type, 24 Lights

Modern Chrome Metal Chandelier Modern Chrome Metal Chandelier

Create your own universe with this lovely chandelier right in your home! This chandelier has a unique construction of sputnik or supernova. If you are interested in astronomy, physics or chemistry, this amazing chandelier is perfect for you! It symbolizes the harmony of planets orbiting a star. This chandelier is modern and it will blend with any décor either modern or classic, but especially with high-tech, contemporary, futurism or functionalism styles of the interior. This chandelier is perfect for spacious and small rooms, so you can hang it in a dinning room, kitchen, living room, bedroom, guest room, and even bathroom. Also you can install this unique chandelier in your boy’s room to create a little personal universe for him. This chandelier requires 24 light bulbs. It provides a lot of light to illuminate the entire room and its darkest corners. In addition, this chandelier is made of high-quality materials and its price is fair and rather low. Your guests will love it and you will receive many compliments on it all the time. Bring the solar system into any space with this lovely sputnik chandelier.

Latest Price $168.71

Chandelier Specifications

Fine Mod7.2 pounds23 x 23 x 23 inchesMetalChrome24

Review quotes of real buyers

“It’s everything I wanted and more. It’s so funky and unique and looks perfect in my dining room. When screwing in each arm, I was afraid I was going to twist the wire inside the ball too much and it rip, but that didn’t happen. It came with light bulbs with a mirrored top and it looks awesome!”

“Visually this light is absolutely outstanding especially for the price!
I researched this style light extensively, and you will not find a better price for the look of a “Sputnik” style chandelier.
It also looks much better in person then the internet picture and the shipping was extremely fast.”

“This thing is great, it puts of a very nice warm glow”

“Love everything about it. It provides a ton of light, which helps in our large vaulted ceiling space.”

“Beautiful and very bright! Perfect for any bedroom.”

Pictures of Modern Chrome Metal Chandelier > $168.71 Sputnik Type, 24 Lights in different interiors

Modern Chrome Metal Chandelier

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