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Modern Copper Aluminum Chandelier > $601.16 Unique, Expressive, Artichoke

Modern Copper Aluminum Chandelier Modern Copper Aluminum Chandelier

This wonderful chandelier resembles artichoke. It is made of aluminum and has copper finish. Its design is unusual and unique that you will not find similar for sure! If you are tired of ordinary looking chandeliers so this pretty chandelier is for you! If you are fond of science-fiction or fantasy or adore unusual things then this chandelier is for you! This chandelier has many petals that give a touch to the whole chandelier. This modern chandelier will become a focal point of your room decor. You can place this uniqueness anywhere you want, but it is preferable to hang it in a dinning room, kitchen, living room, bedroom, or guest room. This chandelier is a perfect complement to avant-garde, eclecticism and pop-art styles. It may be weird or not to hang this chandelier in your home but you will add something new, expressive, and absolutely unique. These petals perfectly direct the light. This chandelier requires 3 light bulbs and that is enough to illuminate the room. If you like experimenting then do not hesitate and purchase this chandelier. Update your décor room with this unique modern chandelier, make your décor unrepeatable and original.

Latest Price $601.16

Chandelier Specifications

LexMod24 pounds28 x 28 x 33.5 inchesAluminumCopper3Down

Review quotes of real buyers

“This chandelier is a more reasonably priced version of a way-too-expensive original that caught my husband’s eye through a store window a couple of years ago. When looking to replace a dining room light fixture, we were happy to find this one. It looks great even though our dining room doesn’t have an especially high ceiling; how far it hangs down is adjustable.”

“The fixture puts out great light! It was a little difficult to out up but well worth it!!!”

“I love my red rose or red artichoke chandelier! It is a contemporary light weigh sculpture fixture. “

“This chandelier is something! Better to see it in real. Extraordinary!!”

“This chandelier is worth the money! High quality!!”

Pictures of Modern Copper Aluminum Chandelier > $601.16 Unique, Expressive, Artichoke in different interiors

Modern Copper Aluminum Chandelier

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