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Modern Crystal Chandelier > $348.96 Spiral Rain Drop, Six Lights

Modern Crystal Chandelier Modern Crystal Chandelier

This beautiful chandelier is trimmed with Empress Crystal. This chandelier is an excellent crystal fixture for your kitchen, foyer, dining room, living room and more! This lighting fixture features beautiful 100% crystals balls that capture and reflect the light. Truly a stunning chandelier, this chandelier is sure to lend a special atmosphere of modernity, glamour, chic and coziness anywhere it is placed. The interiors that this chandelier would match better, are those with modern elements, not too loaded with the details of the furniture. It may also look as an element of chick in the high-tech decorations. However – there are no elements, that may be repulsive and mismatching, wherever you put this. This one is definitely refreshing in the morning, looking like a shower head – so you can also place it in your bathroom. But at the same time the spiral direction of the hanging elements is calming in the evenings, as the light wanders around crystal drops. This stunning chandelier has 6 light bulbs; thus it illuminates the entire room evenly and quite brightly. This crystal chandelier not only decorates your place but it completes your interior perfectly. Like any crystal chandelier, installation of this chandelier requires your time and patience, but the result is absolutely worth your efforts! Be ready to receive a lot of compliments on this amazing chandelier from your guests. This chandelier is so special that you won’t leave the room where it is placed. Plus this chandelier is so charming that you will look at it over and over again.

Latest Price $348.96

Chandelier Specifications

GalleryW25.98″ H60″CrystalCrystal6Down

Review quotes of real buyers

“Super easy to put up, absolutely gorgeous. Great Price for such a huge impact”

“I looked at a number of internet sites for a modern, somewhat tall chandelier to hang in the entry way of my house and found several that looked promising, all ranging from about $1,000 to $3,000 (well some even more). As I showed them to my wife she, who is very practical, suggested I look at Amazon and found this one which was a perfect design and an extremely reasonable price. Having read that hanging the chandelier was a 2 person job, I elected to have my electrician install it in our rather high ceiling. It looks fabulous! And we were quite surprised to receive several e-mails from the seller saying to contact them if we had any problems at all – very thoughtful. My wife and I are pleased with the chandelier, price and the after sales service. Highly recommended”

“What can I say? A beautiful product at a good price.”

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