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Modern Crystal Chandelier > $614.23 Polished Chrome, Eight Lights

Modern Crystal Chandelier Modern Crystal Chandelier

This chandelier perfectly combines some vintage features with modern design and this is the main distinguishing feature of this chandelier. This chandelier is finished in polished chrome and its extra long polished chrome candle stems add dimensional accent. This chandelier has solid semi curved arms that hold candle sleeves. A crystal ball tips add a finishing touch to the whole construction. This lovely chandelier will blend with any decor both different vintage and modern styles. This chandelier is highly recommended to be installed in a dinning room, kitchen, living room, bedroom, or guest room. This chandelier requires 8 light bulbs so it provides the right amount of light and illuminates the darkest corners of your room. The crystals will capture and reflect the light from its candle bulbs. This chandelier is made of high quality materials so it will illuminate and decorate your room for many years. This chandelier will make you much happier and your guests will love it.

Latest Price $614.23

Chandelier Specifications

Trans Globe Lighting26.6 pounds32 x 28.5 inchesCrystalCrystal, Polished Chrome8Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“Breathtakingly beautiful chandelier. Easy to assemble. All parts were included in the box. Makes a stunning addition to my living room; both elegant and modern. Excellent value.”

“We have a million dollar house and chose this for our dining room light – it was the 3rd chandelier we had tried in that space, and we love it! It strikes a perfect balance between traditional and modern. It was easy to put up. We highly recommend this light – every time I look at it I still can’t get over how beautiful it is.”

“I had it for a few months now and I still stop and admire this piece of art. Every single person that walks into my home makes a comment on it. It totally changed the look of my dining room. The installation was very easy, the challenging part was that is big and heavy and it would be easier with 2 people. I did it by myself. I am a woman. What I did is I wrapped the chandelier in a big bath towel and put it the in a duffel bag, half of it was sticking out, but that gave me two free hands to attach the wires. While the bag was hanging off my shoulder. It took about 15 min. I know how to attach the wires, if you don’t you will have a very sore shoulder. I highly recommend that company for their excellent service and products.”

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