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Modern Crystal Silver Chandelier > $149.00 Rain Drop, Five Lights

Modern Crystal Silver Chandelier Modern Crystal Silver Chandelier

This extraordinary chandelier will fit to any room. Teardrop crystals dangle not very low, so there are more places where it can fit. The crystals form some kind of a dome at the bottom of the chandelier, adding more uniqueness. This is a very beautiful sight for your eyes. Firstly, the light passes through small crystals in the middle of the string, and then it amplifies before reaching the large ones. As a result you have a gorgeous gradient glow. Once you switch this lighting fixture on, all your guests and roommates will be thrilled with this inexpressible miracle that this chandelier represents. Each crystal reflects the light perfectly, so the room is illuminated evenly and there is no glare or distracting glimpses. Five lights is a sufficient quantity for the bright illumination. It is convenient even for the largest and most spacious room.

Latest Price $149.00

Chandelier Specifications

Jojospring11 pounds16 x 16 x 16 inchesCrystal, MetalChrome5Up/Down

Review quotes of real buyers

“Very good chandelier well worth the price
exceptional service
very happy with my purchase”

“I have remodeled my daughters entire room and this is her favorite thing in her room (mine too!). It is very classy. My husband and I worked together installing. You need to put the light bulbs in first and then I hung the strings on the fixture, then my husband installed the fixture onto the ceiling, then we worked together hanging the pendants. He held open the clips and I snapped the pendants in. Worked like a charm. My husband does not think it puts out enough light…my daughter and I didn’t think that was important because it is so beautiful!!”

Pictures of Modern Crystal Silver Chandelier > $149.00 Rain Drop, Five Lights in different interiors

Modern Crystal Silver Chandelier

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