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Modern Forged Bronze Chandelier > $285.21 White Lampshades, 5 Lights

Modern Forged Bronze Chandelier Modern Forged Bronze Chandelier

In this chandelier you won’t see any extra crystals, sequins, beads or other flicker elements. Only simplicity, conciseness, uniformity and synchronicity are presented in a given sample. You know how hard it is now to find a nice, high-quality and appropriate chandelier. So here it is – an evidence of what can be a versatile chandelier. You can get a lot of compliments, having this chandelier at home. The designers suggest that you set it in a cold colored room, modern interior, minimalistic interior, where the chandelier could be the major role element. The body of this chandelier has forged bronze finish. It contains 5 outputs for light bulbs. Using a long chain, you can hang this chandelier to the height that you want. Exceptional quality guarantees you that this chandelier will never break out. You can do everything by yourself without additional help of a professional.

Latest Price $285.21

Chandelier Specifications

Progress Lighting 5 pounds 25 x 25 x 20 inches Glass, Metal Bronze 5 Up
  • Chandelier Rating

Review quotes of real buyers

“ It is a very nice quality, and with only 60 watt bulbs in each light, it is quite bright enough even on a dark day. I’ve since added a green berry vine around the legs and it looks really nice.”

“Love the fixture. Matched other fixtures I had in my house. Did not care for the milk glass, but was able to easily change out the glass with alabaster that matched the rest of my house. The most important thing was the knob/tube style to match other fixtures in my house. Well made and quite heavy fixture – looks fantastic in my dining room.”

“It’s a very nice piece and looks well made. The directions that came with were overall useless but it’s not too complicated to put togther and install.”

“Just love this fixture! Am so happy with this purchase. It is just the right size for our large dining room and not so overly elaborate, like others its size.”

“This chandelier is great! I love it. It’s perfect in my dining room. And so affordable.”

“I spent quite some time looking for the perfect chandelier. I finally found it in this one. Sturdy, looks expensive, and fits beautifully with my decor. Delivery arrived promptly and in great condition. Thank you!”

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