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Modern Glass Chandelier > $247.68 Five Lights, Brushed Nickel

Modern Glass Chandelier Modern Glass Chandelier

This chandelier with white linen finished glass is complemented with a crisp, clear edge accent strip. This chandelier is the best of traditional and modern features with a Brushed Nickel finish. This glass chandelier is a great addition to any décor. The design of this lovely chandelier will bring uniqueness and coziness into your house. This modern chandelier is perfect to be hung in a dining room, kitchen, living room, bedroom, guest room, bathroom. You can install this chandelier easily, plus you can do everything yourself. This glass chandelier has 5 light bulbs; its lighting is spectacular, soft and just splendid. Your guests will appreciate your exquisite taste and this fact will make you happier. You will enjoy this lovely chandelier many-many years. By the way this chandelier is affordable and looks extremely beautiful. Do not miss your chance and purchase this beauty. This modern glass chandelier won’t disappoint you.

Latest Price $247.68

Chandelier Specifications

Progress Lighting11 pounds20 x 20 x 20 inchesGlassClear5Up/down

Review quotes of real buyers

“Love the light. Remodeled a house and this gets many compliments.”

“This light fixture is well made. Looks elegant in our dining room. Can take up to 100 watt light bulbs. We placed 5 100 watt LED light bulbs. Provides great lighting for our 18 x 20 dining room. We installed a dimmer with it. Highly recommend a dimmer with this light fixture.”

“I installed this fixture in my stairway and since my ceilings are very this worked out perfect. It’s very modern, but not over done. It’s a perfect physical size.I installed 100W flourescent bulbs and it lights up my entire stairway.Works great and looks great.”

“Really good quality, very stylish. Installation was fairly straight forward for one who has never installed a light fixture before. I have dimmable LEDs in it and really like how the frosted glass hides those ugly bulbs.”

“Easy to assemble and install. The unit is well made- all of the shades and arms are balanced, nothing crooked or uneven as in some light fixtures. Looks great and gives off a lot of light.”

“Beautiful light fixture. One of the arms is slightly bent but it’s hardly noticeable. This lighting makes for a beautiful dining room.”

“I ordered this to replace an old school chandelier in our new house. It is clean and simple and works great for our stairway.”

“This looks great in my kitchen. I wanted the stainless or chrome or brushed steel look and not black. This fit the bill.”

“Good quality, solid glass, brushed nickle metal, easy to install and easy to clean, if you like the look, buy it!”

“I gave it five stars because I already have two and love them . I am taking this one when I move to my new home.”

“Lovely bought this for my kitchen nook. It’s so simple yet breathtaking , you will love it , don’t think twice”

“It is a beautiful fixture. It lights up my dining area and illuminates the entire room. It is easy to clean.’

“Changes the look on the room in an instant. A huge upgrade at a cheap cost. Would recommend to anyone”

“This chandelier is absolutely gorgeous!!”

“This chandelier was easy to install and looks great. You can dim your bulbs with it. I have five LED bulbs in it and it lights up the area just right. I love the nickel color.”

“This chandelier is hanging in my newly remodeled bathroom, which is approximately 9′ x 11′. It is perfect for this space! I couldn’t be more pleased.”

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