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Modern Glass Chandelier > $298.00 Silver Finish, Five Lights

Modern Glass Chandelier Modern Glass Chandelier

This chandelier has silver finish and lovely white glass shades. It features delicate lines, nicely curved arms that hold five beautiful lampshades. The construction of this chandelier is solid so this lighting fixture is durable. The white glass shades create soft, tender and warm illumination. It requires six light bulbs, so its lighting is spectacular, quite bright and just splendid. This chandelier looks simple, attractive and modern. This chandelier is a perfect addition to any décor: High-tech, Modern, Contemporary, and Functional. It will blend in with some vintage styles as well. The perfect place for it is a dinning room, kitchen, living room, bedroom, guest room and even spacious bathroom. It is very easy to put together and install. You can be sure that it will illuminate and decorate your room for many years. Add notes of simplicity and modernity to your living space. Do not miss your chance to become a happy owner of this modern glass chandelier. Plus everyone will appreciate your exquisite taste. We promise you this lovely chandelier won’t disappoint you.

Latest Price $298.00

Chandelier Specifications

Golden Lighting 15 pounds 28 x 28 x 27 inches Glass Silver 5 Down
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Review quotes of real buyers

“This is a quality built fixture and is perfect for the playing table in our basement. Gives lots of light on the table and nice glow around the room. Delivered very quickly and was relatively easy to install…but I’m pretty handy around the house.”

“Lovely fixture. Worth every penny. Makes my kitchen! Has a nice long chain and I have a vaulted ceiling. The glass matches the fixture and is really nice. Would buy again.”

“My husband and I love this light. The colors are perfect. We had our kitchen remodeled and this light fit in just beautifully.”

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