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Modern Glass Chandelier > $598.99 Linear Shape, Four Lights

Modern Glass Chandelier Modern Glass Chandelier

This chandelier is absolutely unique. You won’t find anything like that. It is very luxurious with mystic black finish. Made from glass. The slim frame and Tiffany art glass is a great addition to many home design styles. This beautiful modern glass chandelier is highly recommended to be hung above your table in a dining room or kitchen. Also you can install it in rooms with high ceilings. It requires four light bulbs, its lighting is spectacular, soft, warm, quite bright and extremely tender due to this exquisite shade. Plus this gorgeous chandelier is easy to install, you can do everything by yourself without a qualified help. Add a romantic note to your living space with this beautiful glass chandelier. By the way it is made from high-quality materials and its price is fair and reasonable. You will enjoy this exquisite chandelier for many years, make no doubt about it.

Latest Price $598.99

Chandelier Specifications

Quoizel19 pounds37 x 15 x 14.1 inchesGlassBlack4

Review quotes of real buyers

“It was easy to install and looks great. It is very well made and really adds to the dining room. I will say that it is not as big as I originally thought, but it is very elegant. Well worth the price!”

“My friend and I got this easily installed and I love it in my Craftsman style Condo.
It’s a warm even disbursement of light.
Overall I would recommend this product as it looks exactly like the picture and is well made.”

“Beautiful lamp! I use 4 incandescent/halogen 100W bulbs with a dimmer, so the light is soft and warm or bright enough for reading.”

“This chandelier is very fashionable”

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