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Modern Glass Chandelier > $613.80 Clear Glass Cylinders, Six Lights

Modern Glass Chandelier Modern Glass Chandelier

If you are looking for something simple and gorgeous at the same time, then this chandelier is an ideal selection for anyone looking to bring a casual touch to their home. This chandelier has three rods that hold one ring, six straight arms are fixed to the ring and they hold six clear glass cylinders and each has a satin-etched inner cylinders. A stylish brushed nickel finish completes the look. It is extremely modern and stylish. The construction of this chandelier is solid, so this lighting fixture is durable. This chandelier does blend in with any modern décor. This chandelier is perfect for a dining room and kitchen. But also you can hang this piece of modernity, simplicity and beauty in living rooms, guest rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms. It requires six light bulbs, so it releases spectacular, soft, warm and quite bright illumination. Besides, this chandelier combines contemporary design with European chic. This lovely chandelier is a great purchase for today and tomorrow.

Latest Price $613.80

Chandelier Specifications

Kichler Lighting19.7 pounds26 x 26.5 inchesGlassNickel6Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“Overall, we are very happy with the look of this light. It pairs well with our pottern barn benchwright extended table and hundi lights.”

“This light is beautiful”

“We get lots of compliments on this light and it looks great. We are very happy it with. Kichler in general, seems to make high quality products.”

“Sleek, clean, and plenty of light. Nice fixture and would highly recommend. Easy to install from a vaulted ceiling. Recommended.”

“Great set of lights – makes the dining area look exceptional”

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