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Modern Imperial Silver Chandelier > $350.00 Cirrus Glass Shades, Six Lights

Modern Imperial Silver Chandelier Modern Imperial Silver Chandelier

This sophisticated chandelier is made according to the very best standards of the modern chandeliers. It has a very nice interesting shape and texture. Its design allows it to fit in with most decorative styles, starting from Avant-garde and Classicism and ending with Contemporary and Techno. It comes with twelve feet of wire and a chain eight inches long. The body of the chandelier deserves a special attention. It is made from steel and is finished with imperial silver, making it look even more unique and gorgeous. Its five white frosted cirrus glass shades need five bulbs which will cast so much light that you might want to use a dimmer. Create the magic sunset right under your roof that never ends! The chandelier will captivate your friend and neighbors and will prove that you don’t have problems with aesthetics. The recommendations of happy owners of this lovely chandelier will convince you to purchase it.

Latest Price $350.00

Chandelier Specifications

Quoizel14 pounds25.5 x 25.5 x 28 inchesGlassSilver5Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“Absolutely beautiful chandelier…looks fantastic hanging from my dining room vaulted ceiling…very well packaged and am extremely happy with this purchase…light switch was already a dimmer and works perfectly with the new lighting fixture.”

“This chandelier is very elegant and I’m very happy with it.”

“I’ve been looking around and this fixture is elegant and well made.”

“Purchased one with a Terra Marrone finish. Easy to assemble and hang. Looks great. Use it with a dimmer. Great value.”

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