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Modern Iron Oxide Down Chandelier > $499.90 Brown Color, 6 Lights

Modern Iron Oxide Down Chandelier Modern Iron Oxide Down Chandelier

This chandelier will perfectly complement any decor in warm colors. It looks very modern and stylish. From the main body of bronze color extends 6 branches with plafonds which are additionally attached with strings. Particular attention should be paid to the diffusers. They create a beige, slightly golden and very romantic mood in the room. And 6 light bulbs will be enough for full coverage of the room, even the largest one. Chandeliers of this type are established in the offices of the most influential officials and politicians. Just imagine: this chandelier can be stationed at your place! Of course, it’s a bit expensive but it’s worth it. It is simply gorgeous. You can show everyone your status and high position in society, if you have such a chandelier in your house. Install it and you will notice that the interior of your room has become more full and rich.

Latest Price $499.90

Chandelier Specifications

Minka Lavery22.9 pounds28.2 x 28.2 x 30.8 inchesGlassIron Oxide4

Review quotes of real buyers

“ I would like to say I’m glad it’s such a heavy chain, another testament to the quality. I did not notice any plastic parts – very nice chandelier.”

“First saw this chandelier at Lamps Plus. Price was the same there as on Amazon ($419) but with Amazon you save on sales tax. We put it up in our mid-sized dining room and it looks beautiful. High degree of quality and was easy to put together and hang. I highly recommend it.”

“Absolutely beautiful product. Better than on the photos. Brighten up our dinning room like never before. It’s been 6 months and I’m only sorry that we did not look for a replacement sooner. I would even pay more for this quality and elegance…”

“Feel confident in the quality of chandelier. It is beautiful and excellent quality. The instructions for installing were easy to follow.”

“This light fixture is even prettier in person. I love it and would definitely recommend it.”

“Love the whole collection! The chain really makes it look different from other chandeliers. LOVe!!!”

“Installed my self in our dining room. It looks really great and has a bit of a contemporary Asian feel without being over-the-top Asian. Everything was well packaged and had no damage.”

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