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Modern Linear Crystal Chandelier > $265.74 Unique, Elegant, Sparkling

Modern Linear Crystal Chandelier Modern Linear Crystal Chandelier

This crystal chandelier will bring a special atmosphere of chic, glamour, elegance into you house. Make your eating experience a real pleasure. This modern linear crystal chandelier is made of 100% crystal. There are crystals of different sizes and forms, big, small, rectangle, round. The crystals capture and reflect the light gracefully. This crystal chandelier is a perfect addition to any décor, vintage and modern as well. This beautiful crystal chandelier is highly recommend to hang above a table in a dining room, but you may choose any place you like. This chandelier requires eleven light bulbs, so it provides a lot of light and illuminates very spacious rooms. To attach crystals is time consuming, but you should stay patient because the end result is definitely worth it. This crystal chandelier is not too expensive and looks absolutely stunning and expensive. Your guests will be completely overwhelmed by its beauty and moreover you will be happy to own such a gorgeous crystal chandelier.

Latest Price $265.74

Chandelier Specifications

GalleryH28″ X W48″CrystalCrystal11Downlight

Review quotes of real buyers

“It took a little bit to put together, but a fun puzzle project. It is wonderful above my dining table. There is a large window near it, so when the sun shines just right the prisms that reflect through the room are fantastic. Thanks”

“Although it took me 4 hours to assemble this light fixture, the end result was nothing short of gratifying. The diagrammed instructions were concise and accurate so it was just a matter of taking it slow and not having any alcohol.”

“In my humble opinion, the assemblage and installation of ANY HIGH END FIXTURE should be left to a professional. Properly hung and assembled this chandelier looks no different than the $3000 version of it (DWR’s or otherwise). HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

“Just LOVE this! Very sleek, modern and priced great! After reading the many reviews, I had my handyman put this together for me. It took him a couple hours and he said it was tedious not too difficult. I love the look and the touch of class and elegance it adds to my dining room and would certainly recommend it!”

“It is hard to put together but so worth it. I am an engineer and it took me 2.5 hours to assemble. I have gotten so many compliments on this light. I had a friend that bought one very similar for 2k+. If you have the patience to assemble it you won’t be disappointed.”

“When I received it I was unsure about it but the finished product was very nice I had a handy man install it and he was done in one hour. I would recommend it.”

“Placed this across a rectangular dining room table and it looks stunning. The only downside is that it took a long to assemble.”

“A bit tedious to put together but the end results is worth it.”

“this is a beautiful chandelier!! I have seen more expensive ones very similar and this is a fabulous comparison for the price!”

“Fantastic lighting fixture! I get compliments on it all the time. Looks much more expensive then the price. Love it.”

“It’s classy and looks incredibly good with any decor. I used it in the kitchen and it exceeded my expectations.”

Pictures of Modern Linear Crystal Chandelier > $265.74 Unique, Elegant, Sparkling in different interiors

Modern Linear Crystal Chandelier
Modern Linear Crystal Chandelier

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