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Modern Linear Crystal Chandelier > $330.00 Rain Drop Design, Nine Lights

Modern Linear Crystal Chandelier Modern Linear Crystal Chandelier

This chandelier is absolutely breathtaking. You will need to assemble the strings with crystals together, but the result is totally going to worth it. The big crystal balls hang in a spiral, and the smaller crystals are scattered around them, creating a feeling of a three-dimensional water fall. It is a very calming image in the evenings, as the light wanders around crystal drops. All the crystals, small and big, will catch the light and reflect it, shining in little rainbows all over your living space. The bulbs are arranged directly over the bunches of strings, allowing the light fall right onto the crystals amplifying the radiant beauty of the light. It is a real bargain, because you won’t find such a masterpiece for a lower price. Be ready to receive a lot of compliments on this amazing chandelier from your guests. It is so special and stunning that you won’t want to leave the room where it is placed. You will look at it over and over again.

Latest Price $330.00

Chandelier Specifications

JAC D’LIGHTS 10 x 39 x 31 inches Crystal, Glass 9 Down
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Review quotes of real buyers

“These pictures absolutely do not do it justice. Everyone who has been to my house since we hung this up has been raving about it! They warn you that the installation is difficult. My husband who is quite handy hung it up without any problem. It was tedious to hang every individual crystal but not hard. And the result is a total transformation! I am not exaggerating this is the most beautiful thing I own. I did get it at a discount for my honest opinion but I must admit that the regular price being charged is still a huge bargain for this item! If you are reading this DO NOT HESITATE!!!! BUY IT!!! You wont be sorry!”

“A great item!
I love this! Everyone thinks I paid over a thousand bucks for it! I asked three people to guess how much it was and they all guessed over $1000! Took time to hang and a crystal was broken but they send another one super fast. Now my house is so pretty and I love the way the light shines off the crystals and makes rainbows on all the crystals! So pretty!
I got this item for a discount in exchange for my honest opinion”

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