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Modern Metal Bronze Chandelier > $180.00 White Glass Shades, Five Lights

Modern Metal Bronze Chandelier Modern Metal Bronze Chandelier

This modern glass and metal chandelier renovates contemporary forms with straight simple lines. It resembles the ancient lighting fixtures. The glass shades look as if being settled down the steering wheel thus having a bit of a nautical feel. A plain metal construction ensures a secure support for the frosted white glass shades. This lovely chandelier is a perfect complement to Eclectic, Industrial and Mediterranean decors. Manufactures highly recommend installing this beauty in a dining room, kitchen, living room, bedroom, guest room, but you can choose any room you like, all depends on your imagination and creativity. This chandelier requires 5 light bulbs; its lighting is spectacular, soft and splendid. This is a pretty large chandelier, but its installation won’t take much time. The simple design of this lovely chandelier makes it a special one. This chandelier is made of high-quality materials and will decorate your room for many years! You will receive many compliments from your guests!

Latest Price $180.00

Chandelier Specifications

Good Earth Lighting 19.4 pounds 24.5 x 24.5 x 9.6 inches Glass Bronze 5 Up
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Review quotes of real buyers

“I have been shopping for a chandelier FOREVER. Wanted something that would look nice but not be a huge investment. I love this one. My husband was able to install it in less than an hour. The light bulbs are non-standard, so that may be an issue down the road, but we are very happy with this.”

“Love Good Earth lighting. This one is very attractive and provides good light. It looks really nice.”

“Arrived on time and looks great in the box. I have not installed it as yet as I am remodeling my home. I will follow up on the review once the remodel is complete.”

“Looks really good, lighting is nice.”

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