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Modern Metal Chandelier > $126.83 Candelabra Bulbs, Eight Lights

Modern Metal Chandelier Modern Metal Chandelier

This unusual chandelier will become a great investment for your money. Being rounder at the bottom and spreading the hands into various directions, it resembles an anchor, which, in its turn, may set your mind into the adventurous and mysterious vibes. Also it looks as if it was made from eight extremely large and extremely thin fishing hooks, thus making it look modern and somewhat sharp. However each chandelier hand holds a refined candle light bulb and they all stand on black plain plates, making the lighting fixture look classy and elegant. Eight open candle bulbs illuminate so much light that you won’t be disappointed. This chandelier comes with incadesant bulbs, but feel free to use a dimmer. Just make sure that is compatible with the bulbs you are using. The chain and electric line can be shortened to any height you need. Guess what: this fixture have the option to use real candles! However if you stuck candles in the holders you would probably ruin the electrical connections to use light bulbs. That said, the light is pretty. Similar to what you would get at the higher end furniture stores but for a quarter of the cost.

Latest Price $126.83

Chandelier Specifications

Trans Globe Lighting10 pounds27 x 27 x 24 inchesMetalBlack8Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“This is a beautiful chandelier for such a great price. It was light and easy to install. I love the black candles compared to the off white and white ones out there because it seems more conservative to me. We put it over our kitchen table in our farmhouse style home and we love it.”

“As we were changing-out all the ceiling lights in our living area we were looking for pieces that would be classic and clean, lend to our personality, and be a staple as our decor changes over the years. This was perfect for our LR (we bought the 6-arm for the kitchen area). The piece was pretty much assembled which made for very easy installation by my husband. The cost was spot-on.”

“i love this chandelier. it’s large and it looks great in my dining room! it’s pretty light too so it was easy to install alone.”


Pictures of Modern Metal Chandelier > $126.83 Candelabra Bulbs, Eight Lights in different interiors

Modern Metal Chandelier

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