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Modern Metal Glass Chandelier > $105.00 Flush Mount, Four Lights

Modern Metal Glass Chandelier Modern Metal Glass Chandelier

With a very unique square shape, this lovely chandelier features a glass composition atop gorgeous chrome-finished iron. This chandelier is a perfect addition to Modern, High-Tech, Contemporary, Minimalism, Functionalism style rooms. It will blend in with some classic styles of the interior as well. This beautiful chandelier is perfect for small rooms: halls, foyers, entryways, locker rooms, closets and more. You can hang this beauty in your bathroom. The chandelier requires four halogen bulbs for a wonderful light experience that reflects through the glass construction and attached crystals. It is quick and easy to put together and install. In addition, this modern metal and glass chandelier is eye catching and very attractive. Your guests will love it and you will receive a lot of compliments on it. To dispel all doubts, this chandelier is rather cheap. Today is your lucky day, so purchase this beauty. This piece of art won’t disappoint you.

Latest Price $105.00

Chandelier Specifications

Jojospring7 pounds18 x 7 x 18 inchesGlass, Metal, CrystalChrome4Down

Review quotes of real buyers

“I’m impressed with its design which looks really elegant and beautiful. The lights are very bright at night and it’s easy to install.”

“Love the light”

“FABULOUS! I ordered 3 of these fixtures. The crystals are excellent quality, rainbow delights!”

Mini piece of art. I enjoy it when I am in my bathroom”

“its absolutely beautiful, its in my living room and it looks great”

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