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Modern Mini Crystal Chandelier > $145.00 Round, Royal Cut Crystal

Modern Mini Crystal Chandelier Modern Mini Crystal Chandelier

Look at this chic, glamorous, stylish chandelier! Illuminate your entryway, foyer, dining room or any other area of your home with this gorgeous beauty. The frame of the dome is finished with chrome crystal squares, creating the duo of shapes. The crystals capture and reflect the light into the nice rainbows, shining like a crown. This modern crystal chandelier is made of 100% crystal. This crystal chandelier is a good match to modern, contemporary, high-tech styles of the interior. This beautiful crystal chandelier requires two light bulbs; it provides a sufficient amount of light and illuminates all the space. A big clear Royal Cut crystal produces radiance of the highest quality. By the way this beautiful crystal chandelier is affordable and looks very attractive. Your guests will be overwhelmed and moreover you will be happy with this significant thing. It is a good choice for where you need an elegant but small chandelier-type fixture.

Latest Price $145.00

Chandelier Specifications

Elegant Lighting4 pounds8 x 8 x 7 inchesCrystalCrystal12Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“Really nice. Small and classy. The picture makes it look like it is silver but it is clear and nice for a small area.”

“5 stars. This is my 3rd elegant lighting fixture and all three came with mounting screws for each fixture.
This is very pretty. I kept the large crystal ball off the bottom. It was heavier than the light fixture and I didn’t reinforce the junction box. It looks nice without it.”

“Very attractive small light for hallway. Would highly recommend this for a similar space.”

“Stunning! The rainbows when sunlight hits this are amazing. When I moved I took mine with me and also got another one.”

“Beautiful crystal pieces and was easy to assemble. It even came with cloth installation gloves for you to keep your grubby fingerprints off it!”

“The crystals are sparkling like diamonds. I put this in the hall and it is great.”

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