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Modern Multi-Colored Chandelier > $54.00 Handcrafted Rings, One Light

Modern Multi-Colored Chandelier Modern Multi-Colored Chandelier

This interesting chandelier is very pretty and whimsical. It encompasses all the nature vibes mixing variety of colors: aqua, yellow red and pink. By the way, you can buy this chandelier in a variety of shapes and colors: green and blue for men are included! This lighting fixture has only one bulb, but it doesn’t mean that the amount of light is not sufficient enough. There’s still plenty of light to brighten up your back yard, wardrobe or a nursery. When this chandelier is not being used as a light you might want to listen it as a lovely over-sized wind chime! Create the magic sunset on the beach that never ends right under your roof! You will enjoy this chandelier for decades! Be ready to throw the best and the most creative parties and receive thousands of compliments from your guests. By acquiring this remarkable cheap lighting fixture, you will make the right choice in favor of quality and style.

Latest Price $54.00

Chandelier Specifications

Connected Fair Trade Products9.5 x 24 inchesOther1Down

Review quotes of real buyers

“Love this chandelier. Using it as décor in our baby room. The colors and movement make it interesting for baby to look at and goes perfectly with the rest of the room.”

“I love it!! I will be purchasing a few more in the next few days, different styles and color!

“Lovely chandelier!, and the best colors ever!”

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