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Modern Round Rain Drop Chandelier > $203.99 Six Lights

Modern Orb Globe Chandelier

This extraordinary chandelier will fit to any room. Crystals are dangle low and they are in different forms. At the bottom of the whole chandelier beautiful round figure is formed, similar to a globe or a sphere. This is a very beautiful sight. Firstly, the light passes through small crystals, and then it is amplified before reaching the large ones. The result is a gorgeous glow gradient. You should only switch on this chandelier in the evening and all your guests and roommates will be thrilled with seen this inexpressible miracle that this chandelier represents. Each crystal reflects the light perfectly, so the room is illuminated evenly and there is no glare or distracting glimpses. 6 lights is a sufficient quantity for bright illumination. It is convenient even for the largest and most spacious room. Bulbs are included in the common set, so you don’t have to buy them separately.

Latest Price $203.99

Chandelier Specifications

Gallery27.6 pounds18w x 18l x 32h inchesCrystalCrystal6Downlight

Review quotes of real buyers

“Amazing finished it all in 45 min. Thinking about purchasing the day light led bulbs to give a brighter modern look. But the softer bulbs definitely look great also.”

“I love, love, love this chandelier!! Delivery was quick ordered on Tuesday rec’d on Friday. The chandelier is a stunner in our dining room. It looks like it cost $$$$. For the price this is chandelier is worth every penny and more!! I am completely satisfied with the chandelier and would recommend it!!!”

“End result on the chandelier: very glamourous, elegant, sophisticated, luxurious, elegant, awesome! It took us a few hours to settle on the excitement of the new chandelier!”

“This was the most beautiful chandelier ive seen .. Shipping was quick, set up was superrrr easy, outcome just gorgeous !!! Anyone who enters my house cant stop talking about it… ”

“Product was shipped fast. Had a problem and customer service was quick to resolve with no questions asked. It is not a easy install as noted but once it is up it looks awesome! I get a lot of compliments on this chandelier.”

“Spectacular simplemete, is the most beautiful piece bought on amazon. I congratulate the supplier is responsible and everything arrived in perfect condition, I’m from Venezuela.”

“The light itself draws all the attention, and the wires mimic the look of rain. Highly recommended.”

“My wife and I bought this as a gift for a good friend of ours. We have the light installed just before she reached home in the evening. I must say she was ecstatic, she even slept under the chandelier that night. It was more that even we expected. It is truly a beautifully piece.”

“I really love this it’s beautiful in person????????.. Good customer service an it shipped quick 5 star service.. Will order again”

Pictures of Modern Round Rain Drop Chandelier > $203.99 Six Lights in different interiors

Modern Orb Globe Chandelier
Modern Orb Globe Chandelier
Modern Orb Globe Chandelier
Modern Orb Globe Chandelier
Modern Orb Globe Chandelier
Modern Orb Globe Chandelier
Modern Orb Globe Chandelier
Modern Orb Globe Chandelier

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