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Modern Rain Drop Chandelier > $450.50 Starburst, 9 Lights

Modern Rain Drop Chandelier Modern Rain Drop Chandelier

This extraordinary chandelier will fit to any room with modern decor. Crystals are dangled low and they are of the different shapes. At the bottom of the whole chandelier a beautiful crystal flatness is formed, similar to a puddle, but this puddle looks excellent. This is a very beautiful sight. Firstly, the light passes through small crystals, and then it is amplified before reaching the large ones in the bottom. The result is a gorgeous glow gradient. You should only switch on this chandelier in the evening and all your guests and roommates will be thrilled, observing this inexpressible miracle that this chandelier represents. Each crystal reflects the light perfectly, so the room is illuminated evenly and there is no glare or distracting glimpses. 9 lights is a sufficient quantity for bright illumination. It is convenient even for the largest and most spacious room.

Latest Price $450.50

Chandelier Specifications

22 pounds23.6 x 23.6 x 47 inchesCrystalCrystal9Down

Review quotes of real buyers

“This chandelier looks amazing. The crystals are heavy, consider to have to professional to mount the base. It dose take a long time to put everything together, but the effect was truly amazing.”

“The service from seller is excellent, I have 3 defect strings, they sent me new ones right way. Everyone who saw this at my place loved it.”

“This chandelier is in a word “beautiful”. The pictures to not do it justice. Everyone who enters my home comments on its stunning and unique appearance.”

“It is a beautiful chandelier, a little hard to install (may need an extra hand) but it looks GREAT!”

“best investment I made for my house!!!!
installation of the wires and crystals isn’t that bad. 2 hours..
I definitely recommend replacing the halogens with LEDs. I only use 45W total with the LEDs, and there is much less heat from the bulbs.”

“This product is great they are very nice and it looks amazing what a great product very classy love it and good costumer relations very happy”

“Wow what a beauty, looks so elegant and creates amazing effect with the diamond cut glass… the only thing I recommend is get it installed by a pro unless your a good DIY type of guy requires 2 people to mount and needs a solid base for hanging like additional 2 x 4’s since that the chandelier is pretty heavy.”

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