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Modern Round Glass Chandelier > $434.70 Black Drum Shade, Five Lights

Modern Round Glass Chandelier Modern Round Glass Chandelier

This enchanting chandelier will bring a special atmosphere to your living place. Its metal drum shade elegantly decorated with chrome edges and matte black banding will finish any room design and the lighting fixture is going to be a most whimsical bargain you’ve ever made. The black drum shade is slightly translucent when the lights are on. Its width hides the bulbs and you see them only when seated at the table. The duo of the black and chrome will complement any color scheme of any room, it will perfectly match any interior and metal constructions! It will become a great addition to the Coastal, Eclectic, Glam, Industrial, Modern, of course, and many other décor styles. This chandelier uses five candelabra bulbs which will lighten your room up. Its strong, classic style will fill your home with timeless elegance and with contemporary vibes at the same time.

Latest Price $434.70

Chandelier Specifications

Steven and Chris by Artcraft19.6 pounds24 x 24 x 27 inchesGlassChrome5Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“This is a nice modern looking fixture. i love it, it looks beautiful in my living room, better than expected”

“love it. perfect for my décor and good lighting”

“UNBOXING REVIEW: The look of this fixture is exactly what I wanted. It has the same look as an Uttermost fixture that sells for over twice as much. The size of this light is also just the right size for over my table. So, I decided to take a chance. I figured if it didn’t work out or was damaged, Plan B would be to return it and keep looking.

It arrived today in a very large factory box. The box was in good condition and didn’t appear to have suffered much during transit. Opening the package, the shade was fairly well protected within the packaging. I can see how if the box is rough handled, it can sustain damage. Mine was OK. A careful inspection of the shade was made and no damage or quality issues were found. The rest of the pieces look fine. My kitchen redo is not ready to hang the fixture so it’s still in the box unassembled. Based on the looks so far, I give it 5 stars for appearance and apparent quality–it’s gorgeous! I’ll update the review with an installation review within a couple of weeks.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Installation of this fixture was finally completed three days ago by our electrician. He installed it quickly and didn’t have any difficulties. It’s hanging over my breakfast table and looks stunning. The shade does keep the glare of the bulbs out of direct line-of-sight from the rest of my kitchen and living room. You only see the bulbs when seated at the table. The chandelier is balanced and the shade hangs level. I give it another 5 stars for performance and ease of installation.

FINAL RECOMMENDATION: Beautiful! Even though the price was on the spendy side, it looks more expensive that it actually was. This is one of the first things in my new kitchen that draws your attention. I’m very glad I chose it and would recommend it to anyone. I’m keeping my original rating of 5 stars.”

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