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Modern Round Mini Crystal Chandelier > $89 Two Lights, Chrome Finish

Modern Round Mini Crystal Chandelier

Illuminate your home with this attractive chandelier. This chandelier is designed for the perfect interior, just like the engagement ring on the finger of a beautiful woman – logic. This chandelier looks like a diamond on your ceiling that nothing else in the room compares to by the magnificence. It is better that your décor is modest and laconic, but full of restrained style. This is a flashy element, that doesn’t need heavy support of the pallet. This pendant fixture features a chrome finish and crystal glass. Due to its small sizes you can hang this mini beauty in small rooms: hall, foyer, entryway, locker room, closet. This crystal chandelier is small, glamorous and beautiful at the same time. This small beauty is a perfect addition to any décor. This beautiful chandelier has 2 light bulbs; its lighting is spectacular and quite bright. This chandelier is small but its installation may take some time and your patience, but it is absolutely worth it. You can do everything yourself without any additional help of a professional. You and your guests will love this mini pretty chandelier. Create a special atmosphere, add some elegance and make your home remarkable. By the way this chandelier looks gorgeous and cheap at the same time.

Latest Price $89

Chandelier Specifications

Jojospring4 pounds10.5 x 10.5 x 8.8 inchesMetal, CrystalChrome2Downlight

Review quotes of real buyers

“Just installed this chandelier and I couldn’t be happier! The photo is realistic but to see it in my entryway…it makes a statement and matches my beveled glass front door perfectly! Love it!”

“Very elegant and beautiful. I am so pleased and happy with my light fixture…Thank you Amazon.”

“Oh my goodness, I absolutely LOVE this chandelier! This item arrived rolled up in individual strands and must be assembled. Takes about 30-45 minutes to assemble and totally worth it.”

“Beautiful flush mount!! I love the way this piece look in my foyer. Highly recommend!!”

“This light is gorgeous!! It’s actually even more sparkly than the pics reveal and it also casts rainbows all over the surrounding walls. Stunning!”

“Very beautiful and classy. Real crystal.”

“This light is beautiful in our daughter’s room. The crystal surround is made up of individual vertically hanging pieces, so, as one could imagine, it’s a little tedious to assemble. That being said, it’s well worth the effort. Especially for the price, you can’t beat this light.”

“I love these so much I bought 4 of them. They are very classy and expensive looking. Takes a little bit of time to assemble, but easy and well worth it. Beautiful!!!!”

“The most gorgeous thing ever!! I put this one over my toilet in my new bathroom, but wish I had enough to put thru my whole house!! Just beautiful!!”

“Elegant chandelier, just as described.”

“Gorgeous light ! Bargain price in comparison to similar fixtures in my local area. Looks beautiful in my entrance way.”

“This picture just doesn’t do this light justice … It’s absolutely beautiful! … It just sparkles”

“Beautiful! It looks wonderful in my bathroom.”

Pictures of Modern Round Mini Crystal Chandelier > $89 Two Lights, Chrome Finish in different interiors

Modern Round Mini Crystal Chandelier

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