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Modern Silver Mini Chandelier > $149.90 Square Crystal, Two Lights

Modern Silver Mini Chandelier Modern Silver Mini Chandelier

This exquisite modern chandelier will become a square jewel of your living space. The manufacturers suggest hanging it at your living room, dining room, foyer, bedroom, hallway and office. Its modern design allows it to improve any atmosphere where it is placed. It can fit perfectly in a living space with Eclectic décor, Glam, Modern décor, even Industrial one. The metal base will ensure a secure installation and this chandelier is super durable and is going to make you happy for a very long time. The crystal parts create not only the fixture border but they also hang inside like the big fresh grapes. As the border you will have the strings of flat square crystals with pyramid-like rectangles at the bottom. Inside this border there are big crystal balls. All the crystal details hide the two light bulbs inside, and therefore they catch and reflect even more light and as a result, you’ll have even more rainbow all over your room. The price is affordable and the chandelier will become a jewel of your home. Enjoy!

Latest Price $149.90

Chandelier Specifications

Generic 9.8 x 9.8 x 9.8 inches Crystal, Metal, Glass Stainless Steel 2 Down
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Review quotes of real buyers

“I put it in my john, I now have a super fancy throne room and I love it. It is euro wired so just remember brown=black blue = white.”

“It turned out beautiful, very happy with the quality for the money.”

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