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Modern Spiral Crystal Chandelier > $375.80 Crystal Balls, Seven Lights

Modern Spiral Crystal Chandelier Modern Spiral Crystal Chandelier

This beautiful chandelier of Contemporary style brings a special atmosphere of glamour, chic and modernity into your home. This dazzling chandelier features crystals spiraling all over the lighting fixture from top to bottom. They really resemble the rain drops. The crystal balls act as prisms and bounce off the light in a very beautiful way. When the sun shines through the window it puts colourful prisms and rainbows on the walls. This chandelier is perfect for rooms with high ceilings. You can place this beauty in an entryway, dining room, kitchen, living room and more. It would look refreshing in a bathroom of the appropriate size. This chandelier has 7 light bulbs which absolutely glow at night. Its installation may take some time and your patience, but it is absolutely worth it. This chandelier is a perfect addition to any décor. Everyone will love this beauty, and much more you will be happy to have such a wonderful chandelier in your house.

Latest Price $375.80

Chandelier Specifications

Gallery21 x 67 inchesGlass, CeramicChrome7Down

Review quotes of real buyers

“Looks real nice. But had to buy a special mount from the manufacturer since I was putting it on a vaulted ceiling. Overall, I could not have beat the price and it looks real nice on the ceiling”

“This Chandelier looks awesome in our high ceiling entryway.”

“Really like this one, this is amazing!”

“It’s fabulous, we love it. Admire it very day. It blows everyone away! It hangs in the stairwell. It’s a huge wow factor. A real must have, but not for the faint hearted to install, a two person job. Packaging very good, and numbering system on the crystal balls was very clear on where to hang each. With one spare crystal, which we didn’t need it, but would have preferred 2, just for peace of mind. it’s never going to be moved, or washed for that matter and will go with the house.”

“The picture of this chandelier is stunning but it is even more stunning in person.”

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