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Modern Steel Bronze Chandelier > $119.99 Glass Shades, Five Lights

Modern Steel Bronze Chandelier Modern Steel Bronze Chandelier

This sophisticated chandelier is made according to the very best standards of the modern chandeliers. It has a very nice interesting shape and texture. This chandelier will become a great compliment to the most of decorative styles, starting from Eclectic and Classicism and ending with Contemporary and Midcentury Modern. The body of the chandelier deserves a special attention. It is made from steel and is finished with bronze, making it look even more unique and gorgeous and ensuring that you will enjoy it a really long time. Its five light amber glass shades require five bulbs which will cast so much light that you might want to use a dimmer to soften it. Create the magic sunset right under your roof that never ends! The chandelier will captivate your friend and neighbors and will prove that you don’t have problems with aesthetics. It will become an attractive focal point in your home.

Latest Price $119.99

Chandelier Specifications

Quoizel15 pounds24.5 x 24.5 x 23.5 inchesSteelBronze5Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“I am absolutely delighted with this chandelier for my dining room. It can be very bright, since it takes 5 100watt bulbs, and I have mine on a rheostat so it dims beautifully to any level as well. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a contemporary type fixture that isn’t starkly modern.”

“Exactly what I expected!”

“We purchased this fixture due to the reputation of the manufacturer and because of the very open feeling of this fixture. We hung this fixture from a non-flat ceiling. We would buy this fixture again and are glad that we got a very good price through Amazon. I would not wanted to have paid retail for this chandelier.”

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