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Modern Steel Chandelier > $1,309.99 Butterscotch Onyx Shades, Nine Lights

Modern Steel Chandelier Modern Steel Chandelier

This chandelier is very expensive but the price is fair. This chandelier is rustic and contemporary at the same time, it will give a dramatic effect to your home. The design of this chandelier serves as a piece of art in itself. This lovely chandelier has butterscotch onyx shades of two tiers that release a romantic glow and broad wrought iron bands that add visual interest. Onyx is a mottled quartz that takes a high polish. For Greek and Roman sculptors and architects onyx has become a symbol of tradition and exquisite taste. This chandelier is a great addition to modern and classic styles. Designers highly recommend to install this beauty in rather spacious rooms. Dining rooms, kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms and guest rooms are perfect for it. This lovely chandelier requires nine light bulbs, so it provides a sufficient amount of light to illuminate the most spacious rooms and its darkest corners. This chandelier will serve you for many years and you won’t regret it.

Latest Price $1,309.99

Chandelier Specifications

Quoizel55 pounds35 x 34.5 inchesSteel, GlassIron Gate9Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“This chandelier is stunning! The butterscotch color puts off a beautiful glow! Be forewarned, this chandelier is heavy. Additional bracing in the ceiling will be needed from the standard 25-30 pound range.»

“All I can say is that this Chandelier is beautiful and it meets all of my expectations.”

“Great looking light. Very happy with my purchase and fast delivery.”

“This chandelier looks just perfect in my open space, rustic dining room, which has a slight moderen twist. Very unique looking and people already started asking me where did I find this light.”

“This is a really beautiful light fixture. The glow that it gives off through the stone shades is absolutely stunning. I suggest putting it on a dimmer to take full advantage of beauty and uniqueness of each shade. Everyone that sees it compliments me on how beautiful it is!”

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