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Modern Steel Chandelier > $260.00 Frosted Glass Shades, Eight Lights

Modern Steel Chandelier Modern Steel Chandelier

This chandelier is truly modern, not Craftsman, not ostentatious or fussy. Using the elegant simple lines, it will give your house exactly what it wants and it won’t impose a different style on the house. This is such a beautiful piece that it becomes the most commanding thing in the room even in a truly large one where the chandelier is being a bit small for. This lighting fixture resembles an umbrella turned upside-down. Surrounded by cylindrical frosted glass pinkish shades that gently diffuse their light, the chandelier’s eight bulbs provide just the right amount of illumination to flatter guests while dining, playing after-dinner games, or gathering for drinks and dessert. You might also want to use a dimmer. Alternately, mount it in a living room or entry hall to equally attractive results. Stunning as a standalone piece or when paired with additional products. You won’t regret buying this beauty!

Latest Price $260.00

Chandelier Specifications

Access Lighting19 pounds12 x 33 x 46 inchesGlassBrushed Steel8Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“So the fixture fits the style of the house as it was built, adds value to the house, is BEAUTIFUL, ELEGANT, and puts out plenty of light too, so we put it on a dimmer. Awesome!”

“Easy to assemble and install. I tried to use LED candelabra bulbs but the brand I used were too long and stuck out the ends of the glass covers so I ended up using incandescent bulbs.”

“Awesome Lamp awesome look, just be really careful when you install the glass pieces, they can break easily but other than that, great”

“We have this in a cathedral ceiling dining area. It measures about 33″ and it’s a good fit in our contemporary/modern house. Stylistically it is a BIG PLUS to our space. The electrician (necessary because it was put in 19 feet up, ladder work=electrician) said it was easy to put in. We required a slope install kit and extra downrods which if amazon carries them, they’re more hidden than the Holy Grail. This chandelier is sold all over the web. I saw this first on TheFind (much better than Wayfair which is like crash, crash if you even use the back button–lousy site) and did a five minute search to confirm that the best price was in fact here, because amazon levels all prices.
Overall it’s a great fixture and a STUNNING design. Every single person says, “Wow, that’s gorgeous!”. Really love it and it is very well made, connections tight, arrived well packed.”

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