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Modern White Chandelier > $180.09 Etched Glass Shade, Three Lights

Modern White Chandelier Modern White Chandelier

This chandelier will be perfect for your foyer, hall, locker room, entryway and a closet. Its clean and simple style adds a classy touch to any room you decide to install it at. The chandelier is made using minimal of the details, though the white etched glass shade and the brushed metal finish create an elegant duo. The chandelier lampshade looks like a giant UFO, so it will definitely make you experience strange and mystique vibes! Be patient while installing it because it is completely worth it. The simple and unique style makes it transitional and that is why it will be great for any style: Contemporary, High-Tech, Functionalism and Traditional, Cottage and European French. Don’t be afraid that it won’t cast enough light, because the lampshade of this chandelier holds three light bulbs which will illuminate your living space brightly and smoothly. Be a happy owner of this beautiful chandelier and complete your décor with modernity and elegance, and don’t forget reading the comments of other happy owners!

Latest Price $180.09

Chandelier Specifications

Progress Lighting13.6 pounds18 x 18 x 99 inchesGlassNickel3Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“Beautiful. Easy to install, though not incredibly easy to change the lightbulb. I used it as an excuse to buy LEDs so I hope I rarely have to change them.”

“Unit is not up yet, I have started to put it together and will intall this weekend, but from what I see so far it looks solid, nice style and should be a great light for the next 10-15 years for us. I would purchase again, Amazon had it listed at a good price and for our situation it will work great!”

“The price was great and the assembly went smoothly. No problems with the packing and it arrived promptly.”

“Looks great”

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