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Multi-Color Art Glass Tiffany Chandelier > $249.99 Bronze Finish, 3 Lights

Multi-Color Art Glass Tiffany Chandelier Multi-Color Art Glass Tiffany Chandelier

This is an unusual chandelier that will be a great decoration of your room. With a bronze chain, you can adjust the height of the chandelier. Each element on the lampshade is unique and different from all the others. It seems like this chandelier contains its own world as a jungle. And there live many exotic birds. You look at it and it seems that they’ve sat on a branch to share their secrets and news. This is the moment that captures the spirit and makes the atmosphere in the room brighter and more cheerful. With such a wonderful chandelier your mood lifts up and your thoughts fly away from the daily routine. Multi-color design produces a special atmosphere of light-heartedness. When you switch it on, the light becomes very interesting: it is a little dim and romantic, and you might think that the birds are came alive and at the next second they will fly up into the air.

Latest Price $249.99

Chandelier Specifications

Robert Louis TiffanyBronzeBronze3Down

Review quotes of real buyers

“This lamp is beautiful!!!!the colors are gorgeous and the three lights with pull chains makes it easy to adjust the lighting over my table.The bird motif reminds me of spring and the whole thing adds so much color to my kitchen. I could not be more pleased!”

“How wonderful it was that the actual item was just as described!!!! The lamp looks great in our dining area and the swag (a must on the “needs” list) looks just great after the electrician took care of the extra length. I just love it and am glad my childhood dream came true in a very good way!!”

“I have been looking for a Tiffany-style lamp for a very long time. In fact, I’ve wanted one since I was a kid. I had a very specific “needs” list for the lamp and it met all my requirements; so, I ordered it. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!”

“Arrived in special packaging from completely across the country undamaged. You will be please if you purchase this beautiful light. We love it & hope to enjoy it for many many years.”

“When I saw this lamp I just new it was it. I must of looked at 1000 lamps. I was looking for months for the right one and this is it I just love it cause its whimsical and cheery. The colors are bright and I have gotten so many compliments. So glad I found it.”

“This is a gorgeous lamp. I highly recommend this lamp. I’m seriously considering another purchase for another room in my home.”

“Beautiful…. it’s a classic!”

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