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Murano Venetian Style Crystal Chandelier > $92.65 Four Lights

Murano Venetian Style Crystal Chandelier

Murano – one of the largest islands of the Venetian lagoon. This island is famous for its glass production. Murano glass attracts people from all over the world. Just imagine: you will have a chandelier, made according to the Venetian technology at home! This magnificent chandelier is full of 100% crystals. It is very elegant, it looks as if it was removed from one of the rooms of an Italian palace. 4 bulbs illuminate the room quite well. And crystals spread gleams of light in such way that the atmosphere in the room seems to be truly magical. Your usual dinner with this light can turn into a luxuriant meeting. This chandelier is suitable either for high ceilings, or for low, because the height of its position can be regulated. Long and the short of it, this chandelier is a brilliant design solution.

Latest Price $92.65

Chandelier Specifications

Gallery17h x 17w x 17l inchesGlassCrystal4Downlight

Review quotes of real buyers

“All my wife could say is “Wow”!!! It is bright and flashy. This chandelier is just gorgeous. it picks up light from lamps in other rooms and returns colors.”

– “Wow. Our nursery looks amazing. The chandelier is absolutely gorgeous. The materials are all high quality crystal and blown glass.”

– “The chandelier is so beautiful and the cost is very reasonable. I put mine in my guest room. If you choose to purchase this you will not be disappointed. The product comes with extra parts if needed ( I didn’t but a nice touch). Everything works perfectly. Love love love it!”

– “We just put our chandelier in our bedroom and it looks amazing! I would recommend this to anyone and it is well worth the price……in fact it looks like it should be much more expensive!”

– “I absolutely love the chandelier! It’s the perfect size for my nursery and I couldn’t believe the pieces are all glass. It’s not too heavy, easy to install and the price was unbeatable. ”
“Beautiful chandelier! Great purchase great value. I could not be happier with it. You have to put it together, but the instructions are simple.”

– “This chandelier is beautiful! It’s exactly what I was looking for for our new guest bedroom. I recommend this light fixture for a small guest room, bathroom or foyer. It is beautiful!”

– “This is an incredible Chandelier. EXCELLENT QUALITY for the price – it looks like it costs a few hundred dollars. I am extremely pleased. Came very well packed and nothing was broken. Instructions are easy(ish) and well written. I have this hanging in my guest bedroom and it really tied the whole room together.”

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