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Outdoor Gazebo Metal Chandelier > $218.05 Two Shades Sets, Three Lights

Outdoor Gazebo Metal Chandelier Outdoor Gazebo Metal Chandelier

This smart outdoor chandelier is a great way to decorate your back yard. Its three lights provide a surprising amount of light. The bulbs have glass covers for protection from the weather – they screw into each of the mountings for the bulbs. This allows the chandelier be outside for any weather. The lampshades are of some shiny gold colour made from durable fabric. They come off easily to wash. The chandelier also comes with some alternate fabric covers you can put over the shades. They are of dark creamy color. Though, it may seem to you, that the embroidered shades add a lot of class over the plain creamy shades. What is more, you may find the suitable replacement shades of different colours at a local specializing store. The metal body of this lighting fixture is finished with oil rubbed bronze making it liiok simple but elegant. This lamp does not require hard-wiring. It is a plug-in which turns on and off by the pull chain.

Latest Price $218.05

Chandelier Specifications

Kenroy Home17 pounds21 x 21 x 23 inchesMetalBronze3Down

Review quotes of real buyers

“I needed an outdoor chandelier over a bar-height table on my fully exposed-to-the-elements patio. I hunted all over the ‘net for something, and when I saw this, I knew it was right. It’s a plug-in, so during the winter months I unplug it and store it in the garage. I’m very pleased with it, although I’ve only used it through part of one summer season so far.”

“I was a little nervous about ordering a product like this over the internet but am very happy with it. It came quickly, was easy to set up, and looks great. I would recommend this product to anybody looking to light up an outdoor patio or gazebo.”

“Decent enough light for the price. Finish was what we expected. Additional shades are a nice touch.”

“I had it hard wired to the patio ceiling. When it’s on the light reflects off the ceiling and the glow down on the table offered a softer well lite light even to eat by. If you want mood lighting, this will do the trick.”

“Very attractive. Works well. The included dark beige linen covers are nicer than the ones pictured.”

“Arrived without issue. Looks absolutely wonderful on out front doorstep. I would definitely look into getting this again for a lighting solution.”

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Outdoor Gazebo Metal Chandelier

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