DIY Chandeliers

12 DIY Paper Chandelier Ideas for Your Home

Paper Chandelier DIY – 12 Ideas for Your Home Paper Chandelier DIY – 12 Ideas for Your Home

If you want to make something badly with your own hands – don’t hesitate. Take the paper, scissors, glue and some additional accessories and create one of the most beautiful lampshades or the chandeliers from our review.

#1 Wax paper chandelier

What you need:

  • hanging planter basket
  • spray paint
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • 2 rolls of wax paper
  • 2 big pieces of parchment paper
  • iron
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • circle cutter
  • cutting mat

What you do:

Step one: paint you planter basket and let it dry.

Step two: lay out the two big pieces of parchment paper on your ironing board. Cut three pieces of wax paper about the same length and put them between the parchment papers. It will help to stick the papers together while making the the capiz shells.

Step three: iron the paper on the low iron setting. Take the wax paper from between the layers and repeat.

Step four: using the circle cutter, cut the wax circles from the wax paper (2 ½ inches in diameter)

Step five: attach the ribbon pieces to the basket, making your way from the bottom to the top. You can stick your ribbons with glue or tie them to the basket.

Step six: attach the capiz shells to every ribbon (3-4 shells per ribbon) with hot glue (we suggest you to make tiny glue dots at the top of each shell). Overlap the shells by about ¼”.

Step seven: attach a bulb and hang the chandelier.

#2 Round chandeliers with paper flowers and beads of paper balls

#3 Paper tubes lampshade

Roll the tubes from the paper and stick them together using glue.

#4 Paper flower decorations

Make the flowers from a newspaper or a coloured paper and stick them to the lampshade of your chandelier creating a beautiful appliqué.

#5 Scaly chandelier

#6 Chinese New-Year paper lanterns

#7 Lacy pattern chandelier

Take a few sheets of coloured paper, create an application for each sheet and assemble them together, attaching to the bulb socket.

#8 Chandelier from paper stripes

Cut the stripes of paper of various sizes and stick them to your chandelier with glue.

#9 Celebration chandelier with garland

Make the stripes from the light fabric and the triangles (you are welcome to create any shape) from the decorative paper. Sew the triangles together with fabric stripes into the garland and, using a glue gun, attach it to the lampshade of your chandelier.

#10 Paper jellyfish chandelier with ribbons

Decorate your chandelier by attaching the ribbons and some medallions to the bulb socket or an inside of the lampshade.

#11 Chandelier with cupcake liners

Stick the cupcake liners to your chandelier with glue.

#12 Disco-ball

Simply paint the lampshades any colour you want.

With a little bit of creativity and free time you may create a unique atmosphere and coincide your interior to any event by simply changing the lighting of your place.

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