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Drum Shade Crystal Chandelier >$109.99 Chrome Finish, Three Lights

Round Drum Shade Chandelier With Chrome Finish

This beautiful chandelier will be an excellent addition to your interior. Round metal lampshade with chrome finish resembles the shape of the drum and its texture reminds a mesh with big holes. Behind this mesh a lot of crystals and 4 bulbs are hide. The chandelier is tightly attached to the ceiling. This is a very convenient option of this chandelier, because if you are not comfortable with the fact that your chandelier will be dangled on a chain, this absolutely stunning crystal miracle is the best decision for you. When you switch on this chandelier in the evening, there are rays of the sun appear on the ceiling as if it’s a sunrise begins. This is a very beautiful sight: a crystal halo with many drawings coming from it. You will be definitely amazed acquiring this wonderful chandelier. This is a great decoration for your house.

Latest Price $109.99

Chandelier Specifications

7 pounds14 x 14 x 9.5 inchesCrystal, MetalChrome4Downlight

Review quotes of real buyers

“I bought this for my daughters nursery and it is perfect. The chrome is very shiny and the fixture itself is fairly heavy. The crystals are very heavy and great quality.”

“This is the second chandelier of this brand that I have bought. So….I new to expect the assembly. Great price and looks fabulous but be aware that you will need to attach all of the hanging crystals yourself. Worth it to me.”

“Love this chandelier! It is absolutely stunning! I had been looking for a chandelier for our bathroom and tos fits perfectly!”

“Oh my gosh this is the most beautiful bling bling that I have ever have seen….I will but another one for another room….”

“Absolutely gorgeous! we love it! The crystals are glass and not plastic so they really sparkle and shine. We put in 60 watt bulbs and it’s extremely bright. Super cool!!!”

“It’s so beautiful and sparkly without being too ostentatious. The installation of the fixture itself was quick and easy. Hanging the crystals was a bit tedious, but the finished effect is more than worth it.”

“Just installed it.. Its Lovely! My apartment has now turned into a mansion like interior. Its great price for a royal look.”

“Purchased this fixture for our new guest bathroom and it was a good decision. The crystals really look great and upscale in the light and I get a lot of Wow’s when people see it.”

“Beautiful fixture…plenty bright using just 40W bulbs and works great on our Lutron Dimmer switch. Extremely fast delivery and excellent customer service too. If you are looking for a refined look that doesn’t hang too low, this is a good choice.”

Pictures of Drum Shade Crystal Chandelier >$109.99 Chrome Finish, Three Lights in different interiors

Round drum shade chandelier with chrome finish
Round drum shade chandelier with chrome finish
Round drum shade chandelier with chrome finish
Round drum shade chandelier with chrome finish
Round drum shade chandelier with chrome finish

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