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Rustic Deer Antler Chandelier > $415.00 Cascade, Brown Color, 9 Lights

Rustic Deer Antler Chandelier Rustic Deer Antler Chandelier

This is a very beautiful and original chandelier was made of deer antlers. When you look at it, it seems that these antlers were before on a big and strong forest deer that had worn those for a year until got them. But the fact is that no one took them from deer and no animal was harmed is inspiring. And you should admit that this absolutely stunning chandelier looks like the real antlers are used! This chandelier looks very expensive, vintage and quite interesting. You won’t see the same one at any of your neighbors. It will be the main decoration not only of the room, but also of the whole house. Children will compose fairy tales about these antlers, and adults will photograph them and admire your extraordinary taste. You can easily install it by yourself. In the box you will find detailed instructions and descriptions. Led bulbs are included.

Latest Price $415.00

Chandelier Specifications

MUSKOKA LIFESTYLE PRODUCTS13 pounds25 x 24 x 16 inchesPolyresinNatural Finish9

Review quotes of real buyers

“I’ve been a hunter all my life and these antlers are extremely life like. The chandelier was light weight and very easy to hang. I highly recommend this product”

“This product looks as good up in our dining room as it does online! If you want to hang it low from a talk ceiling you will need to get creative & buy/ make a new chain but we love this chandelier & it was perfect!”

“The antler chandelier arrived and the minute we opened the box we were delighted. The antlers look so real that you can’t tell the difference even from close up. Because they are resin it was very light weight, it weighed less than the ceiling fan we replaced with the antler chandelier and was able to use the same pole the ceiling fan was hanging on.”

“We love it, it’s a great chandelier at a great price! I would like to order another one for another room!”

“Bought this to go over the table in our new log home. Excited to see it hanging, but looks excellent so far in the box.”

“LOOKS AMAZING! Love it! Looks great and very realistic. Great product as well as service.”

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Rustic Deer Antler Chandelier

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