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Rustic Wood Chandelier > $259.90 Belcaro Walnut Color, Five Lights

Rustic Wood Chandelier Rustic Wood Chandelier

This beautiful chandelier represents the best of past times and at the same time it adds some splendid notes to your living place. You may want to attach the chain break which will give the lighting fixture an even more sophisticated look. Besides the good look, it gives off a good amount of light. Owning the five lovely fabric lampshades it does illuminate the room and its farthest walls. The interesting details of this chandelier definitely are eye catching. The body of the chandelier is made of wood, making the fixture look like a piece of art. This delightful chandelier will become a great purchase. This crystal chandelier is vintage, but it does blend with any décor. It can be hung in spacious rooms (dinning room, kitchen, living room, bedroom, guest room). Your guests will be charmed by its beauty and grace and the most significant factor you will be much happier. To make sure, please, read the recommendations of other happy owners and do not miss your chance to become the next one!

Latest Price $259.90

Chandelier Specifications

Minka Lavery20.6 pounds22 x 22 x 22.5 inchesWoodPainted5Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“Beautiful chandelier. Fits perfectly with my new furniture in my dining room. My ceiling is low so I couldn’t use anything too big. This is just what I was looking for.”

“I’ve purchased this item 3 times over the past 7 years. We have moved to three different houses over those 7 years. My wife insists that I purchase this and install it in our “new” kitchen. She loves this light and since I’ve installed this 3 times it is not hard to install.”

“Bought this for my kitchen nook and it is just wonderful. High quality product with very nice details that are not obvious viewing online; beautiful old world style.”

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