Vintage Glass Chandelier > $121.00 White Shades, Three Lights

This stunning vintage chandelier will give to any room a piece of chic and rich look. Bronze body looks very expensive, as if you ordered it to be forged for

Modern Crystal Chandelier > $39.50 Spiral, Beaded, One Light

This beautiful chandelier is perfect for every day and special occasions. This stunning chandelier will give to any room a piece of chic and rather rich look. In fact –

Modern Steel Bronze Chandelier > $149.95 Brown Finish, Five Lights

The design of this metal fixture is unique and splendid. Its body designed in such a shape that it reminds of some sort of big complicated faucet. But the shades

Modern Silver Crystal Chandelier > $126.00 Flush Mount, Six Lights

Look at this chic, glamorous, stylish chandelier! Illuminate your entryway, foyer, dining room or bathroom, guest room or living room and any other area of your home with this gorgeous

Antique Wood White Chandelier > $101.61 Three Lights

A simple miracle right under your roof! This plain yet gorgeous chandelier will become a great investment for your money! Its ghostly design makes it unique in its style but

Classic Brass Chandelier > $19.99 Nautical, Five Lights

This interesting chandelier is brutal and elegant at the same time! The design of this metal fixture is unique and splendid. It has 5 bell shades and it comes with

Modern Bubble Glass Chandelier > $299.99 Stainless Steel, Four Lights

This beautiful crystal chandelier is an excellent choice for any room, any place your heart desire it to illuminate! The chandelier base is made of stainless steel, making it super

Modern Crystal Silver Chandelier > $149.00 Rain Drop, Five Lights

This extraordinary chandelier will fit to any room. Teardrop crystals dangle not very low, so there are more places where it can fit. The crystals form some kind of a

Antique Black Glass Chandelier > $96.00 Gipsy Design, Five Lights

This beautiful chandelier is made of high quality products without any harmful substances. Clear acrylic crystals hang from each light bulb base. The cable is adjustable and is 59 inches

Antique Crystal Chandelier > $88.58 Pink Shades, Three Lights

This beautiful chandelier is going to present all the residents of your living space a good mood – your daughter in particular! This elegant and feminine lighting fixture will fit

Antique Crystal Chandelier > $102.90 Candelabra Bulbs, Four Lights

This is a lovely product at a very reasonable price. This peerless chandelier made of the Empress crystals. It retains all the best European traditions. Lots of crystals could fill

Contemporary White Crystal Chandelier > $137.94 Drum Shade, Six Lights

This beautiful, airy, white chandelier with 39 crystals is the perfect centerpiece to soften things up a bit. It is a bit delicate with the white transparent thread shade and

Modern Glass Chandelier > $139.19 Aged Bronze, Four Lights

The classy designed chandelier will make your home warm, cozy and inviting. It looks like hanging aquarium with some alien cube inside of it. The structure of this hanging lighting

Modern Metal Bronze Chandelier > $159.00 Etched Glass Shades, Eights Lights

This whimsical chandelier from Thomas Lighting collection will become a great addition of your modern décor and others: Contemporary, Traditional; Transitional and Classic styles. Whatever style your home is decorated

Industrial Linear Chandelier > $1,875.00 Gunmetal Gray, Twelve Lights

Look at this stunning chandelier! Nowadays you can take a chance and plunge into the luxurious atmosphere with this extremely marvelous chandelier. The manufacturers say that it is perfect for