Metal and Glass Chandelier > $29.32 White, Elegant, Six Lights

This chandelier is a perfect decoration for every day and special occasions. It is made from metal and glass. Brilliant glass flowers bloom with beauty and shimmer with candlelight. The

Modern Crystal Chandelier > $39.50 Spiral, Beaded, One Light

This beautiful chandelier is perfect for every day and special occasions. This stunning chandelier will give to any room a piece of chic and rather rich look. In fact –

Antique Crystal Chandelier > $102.90 Venetian Style, Four Lights

Murano – one of the largest islands of the Venetian lagoon. This island is famous for its glass production. Murano glass attracts people from all over the world. Just imagine:

Antique Nickel Crystal Chandelier > $199.99 Swag Design, Four Lights

This delicate chandelier is going to be perfect for kid’s room, bedrooms and hallway because they are small living areas and you don’t want a chandelier to be gaudy or

Antique Crystal Chandelier > $96.64 Yellow Shades, Four Lights

The saturated yellow color will make the chandelier sound loud! The crystals are 100% glass. You will receive a set of spare crystals and even spare lampshades. You won’t find

Antique Crystal Chandelier > $88.58 Pink Shades, Three Lights

This beautiful chandelier is going to present all the residents of your living space a good mood – your daughter in particular! This elegant and feminine lighting fixture will fit

Antique Crystal Chandelier > $102.90 Candelabra Bulbs, Four Lights

This is a lovely product at a very reasonable price. This peerless chandelier made of the Empress crystals. It retains all the best European traditions. Lots of crystals could fill

Antique Crystal Chandelier > $156.59 Pink Shades, Five Lights

This hanging fixture features a pink finish and crystal glass. The chandelier is a great product. It includes two sets of crystals: white teardrops and pink hearts. This princess beauty

Modern Violet Chandelier > $17.95 Rain Drop, One Light

This interesting chandelier is very pretty and whimsical. It encompasses all the gipsy vibes with its violet color, fabric curtain and beads. This lighting fixture has only one bulb, but

Vintage Black Glass Chandelier > $149.99 Elegant, Sparkling, Stylish

This chandelier possesses a cascade of clear glass hanging accents and glass beads framed in black. The draping of beads adds a magical touch to this lovely chandelier. This chandelier

Vintage Silver Crystal Chandelier > $89.00 Sparkling Crystals, One Light

If you’re looking for a lovely mini crystal chandelier to bring sparkle to a small space, this one will do the trick. This dainty but beautiful mini crystal chandelier is

Vintage Crystal Chandelier > $310.50 Semi Gloss White, Four Lights

This wonderful white crystal chandelier will make your room timeless, exquisite and elegant. This vintage chandelier will bring chic and a specific atmosphere of the 19th century. This splendid chandelier

Mini Chrome Crystal Chandelier > $96.69 Strawberry Crystals, Four Lights

This truly unique chandelier is made from high quality materials which ensure its long-term usability. This beauty will bring the feeling of belonging to the wealthy family and enjoying its

White Iron Crystal Flower Chandelier > $88.58 Pink Crystal Hearts

This is what our designers call a chandelier for the girl’s room. The quality of the construction and patience to details is stunning. This charming, fine, high-style chandelier is something

Silver Round Crystal Chandelier > $157.74 Four Lights, Drum Shade

This simple and elegant chandelier features a silver finish on classic lines and white shade. This beautiful chandelier is draped in crystals. Add a special atmosphere of elegance, glamour, modernity,